What to Wear as Summer Comes to a Close

It’s often hard to figure out what to wear, but in-between seasons can provide an even bigger challenge. The time often referred to as “Pre-Fall” can provide the opportunity for a lot of outstanding looks, but it’s important to recognize the differences between this short season and its summer and fall counterparts. Here are some style tips that will have you looking your best during August and September.

Watch the Waist

This pre-fall will be all about a well-defined waist. While everything from flared skirts to straight-cut skirts will be on display, the key element that most of the hottest pre-fall looks will share is the fit of the waist.

Chanel’s upcoming offerings are a great example, as they are all created with a stunning silhouette in mind. For tops, you can go for anything from a mini-jacket to a belted tunic.

flared skirt

Jackets, jackets, jackets!

Jackets are a huge part of pre-fall even as temperatures don’t dip to their October lows. If you’re stepping out at night next month, consider the iconic Chanel jacket, which will be more feminine than ever this year.

Whether you like a braided jacket or floral embroidery, Chanel has your back. You can also go with a longer jacket that has a fitted waist (again, we’re defining the waist this year!) while working in some contrasting colors for a very modern look.


Stripes Are Back

Don’t shy away from stripes this pre-fall. Many of the top designs for pre-fall are slimming stripes that come in basic colors. Whether you’re in the mood for a flowing dress or a chic pantsuit, stripes are something to keep your eye on.

Slim Is In

For work attire, remember that slim is in when it comes to suits. The ultra-tailored approach is going to be the pre-fall focus, allowing women all over the world to embrace a Euro-centric style. Like the fitted waist, these slim suits will allow for the striking silhouette that is likely to be the hallmark of pre-fall 2017.

slim suit