Our Top Plus Size Fashion Tips

Gone are the days of heroin chic, skeletal runway models and starvation diets. It’s 2018 and women around the world are embracing their curves! Thanks to Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and the bootylicious Jennifer Lopez, beauty standards are changing and evolving to accommodate different bodies and a whole range of sizes. In the spirit of self-love, we’re here to give all you curvy women some timeless fashion tips to keep you looking fabulous no matter what your size is.

Cinch it in
Whether you are pear-shaped or have an hourglass figure, we recommend you show that waist off. High-waisted jeans and A-line dresses are the best items that will help you to accentuate your waist. Think about adding a belt to your favorite dress to give it a sexy, curve-hugging edge.

Invest in good underwear
One of the most important aspects of looking your best is donning the correct undergarments. If you have a larger top, make sure you’re wearing the correct sized and shaped bra for your body. If you’re looking to play down your bottom, go for a pair of comfy high-waisted stretch panties. If you find yourself standing in the underwear section of your local clothing store scratching your head, don’t be afraid to ask for help from one of the shop’s professionals.

Play with accessories
Bold accessories are not just for skinny girls! No matter what kind of day you’re having, throwing on a daring pair of shoes or a flashy handbag is going to make you feel fabulous. Experiment with tassels, fringing, bright colors and beads!

Know your body shape
Not all curvy girls are built the same way. It’s important to know your body shape in order to shop for the kind of clothing that will fit you best. Take a look at some of the online guides available. Whether you’re athletically built, big-bottomed or have a triangular build, knowing your body shape is key!

Don’t shy away from a little skin
Women are bombarded daily with images of what a women’s body should look like. We’re here to share a little secret: There’s no wrong or right way to be! Be comfortable in your skin. Larger girls are perfectly capable of wearing figure-hugging dresses, crop tops and shorter skirts and looking absolutely gorgeous. Whatever you’re wearing, be proud, keep it comfortable and be yourself!