The Most Interesting Beauty Treatments You Should Try

Youthful beauty; one of the things that women around the world strive to obtain. As the aging process slowly creeps up on us, many women are willing to try just about anything to keep those wrinkles at bay. Each year, the multibillion-dollar beauty industry offers us a host of weird and wonderful treatments that will supposedly help to keep us looking fabulous. We’ve rounded up some of the most outrageous treatments that you might just want to try.

Blood Facials
If you happen to squirm at the sight of blood, this one is not for you. This treatment involves having your own blood drawn, having it transformed into a cream and then applying it to your face. Supposedly, your platelet-rich blood can work wonders to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Caviar Body Treatments
This one might fall out of your budget, but its certainly worth knowing about. Angelina Jolie is said to be a fan of this particular treatment which involves having your body smeared with caviar. The fish eggs are said to help nourish your skin and keep it marvelously firm.

Leech Therapy
We’re not quite sure about this one – but hey, the proof is in the pudding! this treatment involves placing leeches on your body, the critters then suck blood from your skin while releasing magical enzymes that remove toxins from your blood and leave you feeling – and looking – rejuvenated.

Bird Poo Facials
Yes, you did read that right. Victoria Beckham is said to swear by this particularly weird treatment. The process involves having dehydrated bird poo smeared on your face. The nutrients in the excrement supposedly nourish your skin, reduce the appearance of acne, brighten your complexion and give you that wonderful dewy glow.