How To Create A Unique Spa Day At Home

Visiting a spa is not really an option nowadays with the global pandemic going on. But don´t let the outbreak stop you from relaxing and enjoying yourself! Get your spa game on with these practical tips to make your experience easy and wonderful. Tag along to learn how to treat yourself to a very special spa day at home!

Set the mood

This is the first and on the most critical steps in creating the perfect spa day at home. What comes to mind when you think about a spa? The dim/warm lights, the sound of water, the quiet and the delicate scent of lavender, or even eucalyptus. This scenery sets the stage and immediately invites your body and mind to relax to reach a state of peace and serenity.
Next is sounds. A simple search for “spa music” on YouTube on your cell phone will provide you with amazing playlists. That being said, keep your cell phone out of reach; the objective is to disconnect from the world and synchronize with your inner self.
Since the majority of the spa day will take place in the bathroom by the tub, keep the phone away on a counter, out of reach. If you were to change rooms, the soothing sounds will follow you.
Utilize your fluffiest and coziest items, such as robe, slippers, towers. To add some sophistication and appeal, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your diffuser. Smells are key at setting the mood for a spa day at home. If you don’t own a diffuser, regular scented candles will do the trick wonderfully! Lavender is indeed a relaxing smell, but eucalyptus simply says SPA.
For an extra perk, look for some flowers in your house and throw the petals into your warm bath!

Keep your products close

Make sure you organize all of your skincare products and keep them at reach before commencing the spa day at home. This will make the process seamless and relaxing. A few examples of skincare products include:
· Face and body exfoliator
· Face masque
· Face serum
· Face and body oils
· Face and body moisturizers
· Eye cream
· Lip balm
Also, you can prepare a cool fruit infused water station with a snack of mixed nuts on the side. Another idea is warm herbal tea for either before starting the spa day or right after you are finished to close it up.
Oh, don´t forget to: clearly communicate well in advance with your husband, children or whoever you need to, that this “me time” and interruptions are not allowed! Unless you are sharing the spa day with someone on purpose, the focus should really be on just yourself.