Cool DIY Candle Ideas

Making candles is extremely easy. You can purchase the wax premade or you can combine the ingredients together and create the scent you want. The fun part comes when you get to decide which container you want to use to make your candle creation unique. Here are some ideas for containers you should use if you want to create that perfect boho-chic look. Just remember, some of the best containers can be found in used stores so always keep an eye out for these quirky candle holders.

Teacup Candles

If your grandma has some vintage teacups she is looking to get rid of or you happen on a garage sale with a bunch of these pretty little ones covered with gold and flowers you should definitely pick them up. Often you can get them quite inexpensively and they look adorable on a table set for lunch or for dessert. When choosing what scent to use, maybe choose something that matches the cup in terms of the flowers or something citrusy.

Cool Candle Ideas

Mason Jar Candles

For the hipster in you or if you are going for a farm-chic look mason jars are always a good go-to. They can be picked up anywhere and are often recycled which means they can be found for free a lot of the time. To dress these up a bit you can use pressed flowers placed on the inside of the jar and some twine on the outside to give it a more rustic look. These candles will fit in with almost any decor which makes them great gifts as well.

Cool Candle Ideas

Seashell Candles

If you are one of those people who likes to collect shells but never knows what to do with them other than let them sit in jars and baskets then consider turning them into candles. An oyster shell or any other one that can sit face up and is deep enough can be turned into a candle. They won’t burn for that long since they tend to be quite shallow but if you are looking for a nice nautical theme then you cannot go wrong with a nautilus.