Build a Stronger Relationship With These Tips

When you first start dating someone, talking is the easiest thing in the world. You’re excited to get to know everything about the other person and it’s actually more of a challenge to not talk than it is to communicate.

happier couple

However, as your relationship progresses, it can be harder to accurately say what you’re feeling, and any small issues with communication can grow bigger and bigger as time goes on. Months or even years later, what started as a tiny problem can create dozens of other problems or even one big challenge that is too much to overcome.

Fortunately, we’re here with some communication tips that may not make your next relationship bulletproof, but will certainly make it more fulfilling and built to last.

Try to Fight Fair

Arguments get a bad rep. After all, it’s not disagreements that ruin relationships; it’s how you deal with disagreements that can cost you your relationship. Establish early on that you will disagree amicably and stick to the facts of the topic without getting personal.

If you need to, take some time to settle down so that you can control your emotions. Avoid name calling or other ugliness and if your significant other stoops to that level, calmly tell them that you will end the conversation until they can stay on topic.


Just Say Anything

Give your lover a safe space where they feel like they can come to you and let whatever they need to off their chest at the end of a bad day. Make sure that when they share something with you, you’re not making them feel as if you’re judging them or worse yet, bored with what they’re talking about. If it’s important to your partner, it should be important to you.

Give Room for Individuality

This one’s important. Your goal when you build a relationship isn’t to become one person. Instead, it’s more like those robots from 80s cartoon shows. You’re each your own entity, but you come together to make something really special. Even so, you can separate when necessary and still exist on your own. Give each other room to grow and don’t try to constrict the other person or take away the unique qualities that make them who they are.

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How is this a communication tip? Simple: if you spend every waking moment together and keep your significant other from being who they want to be, you’re not going to have a whole lot to talk about after a while. Keeping it fresh and interesting means you have to let one another be who you are and experience things outside of the relationship from time to time.