Watches Every Man Should Consider

Don’t believe the hype – smart phones will not be the death of the wristwatch, never mind smart watches themselves, which have already pretty much flopped. No, the classic watch will always have a place in every man’s collection, and it pays to know what to look for when you need a watch that fits the occasions you’re preparing for.

Lange & Sohne Jumping Seconds

Lange & Sohne has long been one of the most reliable watchmaking companies in the world. The German watchmaker has already topped a stellar, which includes the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds. This watch is numbered to just 100, so finding one can be extremely difficult. If you do, though, it’s worth it. It offers a “zero reset” seconds hand and individual sub-dials for both hours and minutes while providing timeless style.

Credit: Les rhabilleurs

Avi-8 AV 4041 Hawker Hurricane Spinning Roundel

For fans of the pilot watch, it doesn’t get any better than the AV 4041 Hawker Hurricane Spinning Roundel. The 42mm case encloses a spectacularly accurate timepiece, which provides a chronograph sub-dial that calculates at a fifth of a second.

Ball Watch Company Trainmaster World Time

Ball Watch Company has its roots in the US but is made in Switzerland. The company’s Trainmaster World Time is a 41mm steel watch that offers a useful world-time function and illuminated dial and hands. The company’s PaintPRINT technology lets customers put a custom image behind the crystal case back of their Fireman or Engineer models.

Fossil Q Crewmaster

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and less exclusive, look no further than the Fossil Q Crewmaster. The watch offers a Bluetooth connection, internal batteries and for our money, the most attractive look of Fossil’s newest slew of watches.

Gucci GG2570

Gucci has seen its popularity surge in the UK, where its simplistic luxury style has found a real home with watch buyers. The GG2570 provides a cushioned case and a distinctive blue dial. You’ll have your choice of a bracelet or military type strap.

Rolex Air King

A suitable name for a brand that continues to reign as it has for numerous decades now, the Air King is as classic as the 1950s-style font used for the model name on the dial while providing a lot of modern features and accuracy. The dial is easily read but still offers enough class to earn the Rolex name.

Credit: HH Journal