The Vitamin That You Need To Add To Your Life


If there are days where you feel tired and you’re not sure why, then you could probably really benefit from an extra dose of the B12 vitamin. Many of us have introduced additional vitamin supplements into our lives as we continue to learn more about how we can look after the inside of our bodies. With common vitamins such as fish oil, multivitamins and vitamin D being taken on a regular basis, this is certainly one you should introduce into your life.

What is B12 and are you getting enough?

Vitamin B12 does many things for your body including making red blood cells as well as your DNA. If you find yourself being more tired than expected, than a huge reason for this can be lack of B12 in your body. Our bodies do not naturally make B12, but we can find it in any animal-based foods that we may eat but with more people making a lifestyle change and choosing a more vegetarian based diet, we are no longer getting the B12 we need. Not only that, but our bodies do not store the vitamin for too long and so we need to ensure we are consuming B12 regularly.

Another side effect of your body not having enough B12 is mood swings. We know this may sound far-fetched but B12 has a direct connection with your brains’ serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical that your brain produces to make you feel great and who doesn’t want to feel fab on a day to day basis?

Other common problems that occur due to lack of B12 are shortness of breath as B12 makes hemoglobin, which is the oxygen that runs throughout your body. Tummy troubles is something we feel freer to talk openly about and it is important to know that a lack of B12 can affect your gastrointestinal tract function.

B12 can be taken in tablet or liquid form – please read the information that comes with B12 to ensure you are taking the correct amount.