Trouble Sleeping? Try These 3 Hacks

Everyone wants to sleep like a baby, not a care in the world, just a refreshing eight hours so that you can start the day out right. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for a lot of people. It can be hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up. But there are some easy tips and tricks one can use to fall asleep more easily, maintain your sleep cycle, and wake up feeling refreshed come the morning.

Trouble Sleeping? Try These 3 Hacks

Wind-Down Time

This is both simple and hard depending on how connected you are to your smartphone, tablet, television, or computer. In order to train yourself to prepare for sleep, you should turn off all of your electronics at least 30-minutes before you try to hit the hay. During this time you can pick up a book or magazine and read for a few minutes. While it may be tempting to look at your phone and any notifications you may have received this should be avoided and you should make sure that your notifications are turned off or your phone is turned upside down. The constant ping of a new message or the screen lighting up can make you feel anxious and like you are missing out on something. This is supposed to be a quiet time where you are easing into sleep.

Relaxation Exercises

If reading is not something that you enjoy doing before bed than a simple breathing or relaxation exercise can have the same effect. Meditation also falls under this umbrella of items. Find a comfortable position on the floor of your bedroom or even on your bed and practice breathing in and out and clearing your mind. With time this will become easier if you find your mind wandering and wondering what you are missing out on in the digital world.

Create A Positive Association Between Your Bedroom And Sleeping

Lying in bed, wide awake, and generally feeling unhappy about being unable to sleep can actually work to create negative emotions around being in your bedroom. You want to foster a good association with it otherwise it will make it even harder to get some shut-eye. So, if you find yourself still awake and with your mind running a mile a minute after 20 minutes get out of bed and go do a mindfulness activity in another room. That way when you are ready for bed you will have nothing but positive energy associated with that room.