15 YouTube Golf Channels You Need to See

Golf has long been one of the more popular pastimes for men, women, and even children all over the world. Although it’s known as one of the most challenging sports in existence, it’s a little easier today to improve your game than in the past, thanks to the easy availability of golf videos. Here are some of the most helpful golf channels you’ll find on YouTube.

Fried Eggs Golf

As you can probably tell from their title, Fried Eggs Golf is definitely not your father’s golf channel. Instead, the duo behind the channel make often-hilarious videos that balance tips with entertainment. If you know someone who thinks they’re too cool for golf, have them check out this channel.

Credit: Fried Eggs Golf

Dan Whittaker

When it comes to YouTube golf channels, Dan Whittaker’s content is definitely more focused on technique. With multiple camera angles and even videos of PGA golfer swings, he uses all of the technology at his disposal to help his viewers improve their skills.

Credit: Dan Whittaker


Golfholics is one of the newest YouTube golf channels, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular, as well. Hosts Marko and Mike not only provide tips, but also course reviews, equipment demonstrations, and a lot more. They’re based in California, but also shoot videos at other courses around the world.

Credit: Golfholics

Mark Crossfield

He may not be a household name in the US, but many avid golfers in the UK have benefited from Mark Crossfield’s expert instruction over the years. Since debuting his YouTube channel, he’s been able to share his knowledge with over 213,000 subscribers, including everything from comprehensive lessons to detailed equipment reviews.

Credit: Mark Crossfield


Unlike many of the other YouTube channels featured in this article, Skratch isn’t really focused on providing tips. Instead, they show their subscribers different takes on the world of golf, including trips to tournaments and interviews with players and fans alike.

Credit: Skratch

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels is an experienced golfer who uses technology, demonstrations, and his own vast knowledge of the sport to help his viewers get better. That’s why his videos have racked up about 70 million views. This England-based golfer’s channel has been going for six years strong now and is a great resource.

Credit: Rick Shiels Golf

Chris Ryan Golf

Chris Ryan uses the credentials he’s earned as a golf instructor in the UK to help viewers all over the world figure out their golf swings. Unlike many other channels, Ryan’s YouTube channels makes use of a lot of helpful graphics that can really make it easy to see what he’s trying to teach you.

Credit: Chris Ryan Golf

PGA Tour

The official channel of the PGA Tour is obviously a must-subscribe YouTube channel for any and all golf fans. Not only will you find all of the news you need to keep up on the Tour’s latest happenings, but you can also check out interviews, highlights, and a lot more.

Credit: PGA Tour

1 Step to Better Golf

1 Step to Better Golf is the companion channel to the book of the same name. However, despite its name, the channel isn’t so much focused on golf tips as it is entertaining golf content. From fails to highlights, you’ll find all kinds of fun golf videos on this channel.

Credit: 1 Step to Better Golf

Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch Golf is a great YouTube channel for a number of reasons. For one, he remembers to add personality to his videos, making them more entertaining to watch. In addition, he doesn’t just base his videos on expert golfers, instead offering tips that are simply put so that golfers of all ability levels can benefit.

Credit: Peter Finch

Seb On Golf

Seb On Golf, like Fried Eggs Golf, takes a more non-traditional approach as a YouTube channel. Sure, you’ll get some helpful tips from Seb, but you’ll also get plenty of entertainment, including contests between the British host and his buddies.

Credit: Seb On Golf


If you like YouTube channels that update regularly, you’ll love MeandmyGolf. PGA pros Andy Proudman and Piers Ward offer four new shows each week, providing a wide range of content that includes fixes to common swing problems, fun challenges between the two, and more. Their approach has worked, earning them almost 340,000 subscribers.

Credit: MeandMyGolf

My Swing Evolution

My Swing Evolution is not quite like any other YouTube golf channel. In Christo Garcia’s videos, he chronicles his journey to turn his swing into an exact replica of Ben Hogan’s. It’s been an entertaining ride that has featured a lot of really cool videos along the way.

Credit: My Swing Evolution

Golf Digest

Golf Digest has long been a helpful resource for golfers of all ages and backgrounds, but their YouTube channel really steps up and helps you understand the tips they give. In addition, the Golf Digest YouTube channel provides insightful interviews with pros and tours of amazing courses.

Credit: Golf Digest

Paige Spiranac

Spiranac’s beauty has helped her earn over a million Instagram followers, but her YouTube channel shows there’s more to this talented golfer than just a pretty face. She not only shows off the techniques that helped her have a successful college golfing career, but also workout videos and other content.

Credit: Paige Spiranac