Top Travel Hotspots: Summer Adventures In Israel

tel aviv beach-travel hotspots in israel

The unique combination of fascinating history, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful weather makes Israel an ideal holiday destination. With so much to see and do it is impossible to get bored. Israel offers an abundance of beautiful beaches, exhilarating adventures, outdoor activities, and a wealth of culture. Not to mention the delicious middle eastern dishes bursting with fresh ingredients and tantalizing flavors.

These top travel hotspots will promise you a holiday to remember and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Dan Riverdan river-exploring summer in israel

The Dan River is a wonderful destination for nature lovers and the perfect place to cool off in the summer heat. Boasting an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy, this is a great trip for families or a group of friends. Rent a tube and float along the refreshing waters of the river, even try kayaking or white water rafting. Whichever you choose, a trip down the river makes for a lovely summer’s afternoon.

A true highlight of the area is the famous Dag al HaDan restaurant, which is nestled amidst the trees on the river serving freshly caught fish and a delectable array of refreshing Israeli salads. Nearby, located on the ruins of the biblical city of Dan, the Tel Dan National Park is a remarkable place to experience nature and archaeology all in one place. Visitors are offered a glimpse into ancient life through ruins and artifacts.

Hike To New Heights

With a variety of trails crisscrossing the country, a water hike is a perfect way to beat the heat away from the city and crowds. Here are some fantastic routes to take you exploring through Israel’s spectacular deserts, enchanting forests and magical river beds. So put on your walking boots, and make a splash.

Nahal Yehudiah  nahal yehudia- exploring summer hikes in israel

There’s probably no better hike in the midst of summer than Nahal Yehudiah, where the water is so deep, you have no choice but to swim to get to the other side. The path starts by passing a deserted Syrian village that was built on top of an earlier town from the Roman-Byzantine period, as it leads its way towards the highlight of the day, the stunning 20-meter high Yehudiah Falls. This is where the fun begins. There are two cliffs to climb down, using rungs and ladders drilled into the side of the rock, ending in the cool waters of a refreshing pool perfect for a swim.

(Make sure your belongings are wrapped up in waterproof bags and remember your water shoes. Hike time 4-5 hours)

Biking Bliss

Israel has a diverse a set of biking trails that snake their way across its wide spectrum of landscape. From breath-taking green mountains up north to sunset-colored deserts in the South, cycling is a great way to experience the country that is so alive. So feel the summer breeze whipping through your hair and get up close and personal with nature along these recommended bike routes.

Negevnegev desert-summer adventures in israel

Over the past few years, bike trails in the Negev have been developed at an unprecedented rate, making it easy and safe for bikers of all levels of experience to enjoy the varied terrain, magnificent landscapes, and striking peace and tranquility which biking in the desert provides. Along all trails, visitors can find bike centers for equipment and various accommodations where tours and guides can be booked.

Ramon Craterramon crater-summer in israel

The Ramon Crater is 40 kilometers long and 500 m. deep. High and impressive mountains rise at the borders of the crater that formed millions of years ago when the ocean that covered the Negev began to move north. ‘The Sculpture Park’ is a short biking trail through the beautiful sculptures in the midst of the desert, with picturesque views of the Makhtesh Ramon. The 4km trail is designed for an informal family riding route and makes for an extremely pleasant day out.

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