Tips For A Comfortable Long-Haul Flight

Choosing a faraway destination is one of the most exciting things you can do. Travel gives each of us the unique opportunity to switch climates, learn about different cultures, and just get away from our everyday life for a time. Most of these destinations require a long-haul flight, and some of these can be up to 18-hours long — we’re looking at you Australia. Planning for your long-haul flight is important, because you are going to want to be as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips to make your flight go by smoothly. If you’re flying business class, then you will already feel like you’re flying while sitting in your living room.

Tip 1: Dress Accordingly

Just because you’re flying to a tropical destination, doesn’t mean the flight will be humid like a rainforest. Temperatures can vary widely while you fly, which means you need to layer up. It’s best to wear some comfortable pants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. That way if it gets hot, you can remove the sweatshirt, and use it as a pillow. Socks are also a must have, you can wear sandals, but you will want to keep your feet warm while in the air.

Tip 2: Bring Your Own Headphones

Yes, most flights offer headphones, but sometimes you need to pay for them. They can range from $2 to $5 which is money you’re better off saving for your trip. Bring your own headphones with a plug-in jack, so you can watch movies, listen to music, and block out anybody snoring around you.

Tip 3: Hydrate

Flying is a very dehydrating experience. Airlines tend to only provide just enough water to keep you from being thirsty, and that’s not enough. Bring a large water bottle, or a couple of smaller ones and sip on them throughout the flight. Your body will thank you when you land.

Tip 4: Snacks

A lot of airline food is not exactly a culinary experience. You will want to purchase some of your own snacks for while you fly. Some good snacks to bring are granola bars, nuts, and some candy. The candy may not be the healthiest, but the sugar kick will keep you awake for when you land.

Tip 5: Stretch Your Legs

Any flight over six hours long is tough. You should get up and walk around to avoid getting cramps in your legs. Every couple of hours, get out of your seat and walk up and down the aisles a few times. You may want to do some slight stretching at the back of the plane where there is a bit more room.

Now you are ready to board your flight, and arrive at your destination refreshed and hydrated.