The Best Cleaning Methods For Your Makeup Sponges

When it comes to doing your makeup, it would not be possible without your trusty makeup sponge. This little invention has revolutionized how we do our makeup. While the triangular versions have been around for decades, these 3-D teardrop-shaped sponges can work wonders. The triangular part is perfect for blending your concealer, foundation, and contour together around your eyes. The rounded portion is perfect for blending the makeup on the rest of your face.  However, these makeup sponges need a little bit of TLC. Like makeup brushes, sponges need to be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial build-up. There are a variety of cleaning methods, but these are some of the best ones to keep your sponges looking fresh. 

The Microwave Hack

We know the words microwave and makeup don’t normally go together, but when it comes to sponges they do. Microwaves have the unique ability to heat up quickly and kill bacteria in food, which is what they do for makeup sponges. Before you stick your sponge in the microwave though, here are a few tips. 

First, you will need a cup or mug that has the ‘microwave safe’ label on it. Then, you can add a mixture of soapy water to the cup. Once that is complete, you can dunk one of your makeup sponges into the cup of soapy water, and make sure that every side has been immersed. Now, it is time to place the cup with the sponge inside the microwave. You should set the timer to one minute, and let the microwave run. Once the timer dings, you can remove the cup and let it cool off on the counter. The makeup that was on the sponge should have come off in the water. The makeup sponge will need to have all of the water squished out of it. Finally, you can rinse the sponge off. After it dries out a bit, it is ready for your next makeup application.

Using A Cleansing Pad

Another less intensive way to clean your makeup sponge is with a silicone cleansing pad. These slightly bumpy cleansing pads are usually used to scrub your skin, but they can also be used for makeup sponges. 

You will need to hold the sponge under some running water and get it nice and wet. Then, select a soap of your choice and rub that into the makeup sponge. Once it is nice and soapy, you can grab the silicone cleansing pad and rub the sponge over it. This should remove any makeup residue. Once it looks clean, you can run it under warm water and rinse it off. Now, it just needs to dry out before you use it again. This is a less invasive cleaning method and may make your makeup sponge last longer. However, you will want to replace your sponge every few months to avoid bacterial build-up and keep your skin healthy.