Take A Trip To The Maldives- Your Ultimate Travel Guide Sorted

The Maldives are some of the most beautiful small islands on the planet. There are approximately 1,200 islands and of these around 200 are inhabited and 100 are resorts.

If you are wondering which islands to choose from, the north has smaller islands and a large number of underwater reefs, while the south has deeper lagoons. If you want to explore under the ocean, the north has more snorkeling options while the south has the better diving. For the islands themselves, no two are quite the same.

The Maldives has a calm climate, with year-round temperatures between 79F and 86F (26C-30C). The monsoon season is in November which is best avoided and unsettled weather can persist well into December, though then the rain tends to be in short, afternoon bursts only.

The high season stretches from November to April, with Christmas and New Year being the most expensive time to travel. The ideal months to visit are January, February and March when the sky is blue and the azure water so calm.

April is a great time to travel, as the prices are lower, and weather at its optimum.

Where To Stay:

COMO Cocoa Island Maafushi, Maldives

This little slice of tropical heaven offers a total escape from everyday life. One of the smallest, most stylish resorts in the Indian Ocean, it boasts 33 thatched villas, with large, secluded decks for lounging on or diving into the lagoon. Holistic, Asian-inspired treatments are offered in the award winning COMO Shambhala Retreat, which has an open-air yoga pavilion and four treatments rooms, including one for couples. There’s a main restaurant, Ufaa, but guests tend to hide away in their villa or opt for private dining on the beach.