Swimsuit Trends For Summer 2019

With summer on the horizon, it is time to start planning your beach ensemble, and this means what kind of bathing suit you want to rock. With so many options it can be hard to decide which style is best for you or which print. We have decided to make it easy and give you a rundown of the top styles and prints that are going to be in this season.

Swimsuit Trends For Summer 2019


While this definitely has a bit of an 80s vibe to it metallics seem to be making a comeback in the bathing suit world. Lots of bikinis in metallic gold, silver, and olive green have been appearing all over Instagram and magazine pages alike.

Swimsuit Trends For Summer 2019

Animal Print

Animal print never really went out of style, especially with the Kardashians working so hard to keep it alive or shall we say in fashion. You can go with a classic leopard print one-piece or a zebra print bikini. They even come in metallics, if you want to combine two trends in one!

High Cut Bottoms

High-rise bottoms have long made a comeback from the 50s, but the high cut bottom on both bikinis and one-pieces are also in this season. A lot of women were simply hiking up their bikini bottoms to achieve the look last year, so companies have made it easier and simply start producing high cut bikinis a la the 80s. There is a definite nostalgia for a decade past here.

Knots and Bows

While Knots and bows are by no means a new take on the swimsuit, designers are mixing them up in terms of where they are showing up on swimsuits. One pieces are now seen with a cut-out in the mid-region and a knot under the top half. Bows are also being used at the top of bikini tops or as lacing down the sides of one piece and bikini bottoms.

Swimsuit Trends For Summer 2019

Sun Protection

Some people choose to bare it all in the pursuit of that perfect golden tan, while others prefer to cover up a bit more and protect their skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Rash guards have often been used by surfers to protect themselves while surfing, but brands are moving towards creating much more stylish options. Some feature scalloped necklines in pastel prints or midriff-baring but arms covered sleek options in animal print. No matter the style you want, you will find one in a cut or pattern that makes you feel confident on the beach.