Summer Sandal Edition

With summer weather fast approaching and the days heating up it may be time to get a pedicure and don your favorite pair of sandals or you may find yourself in the market for a new pair. With the styles constantly changing it can be hard to determine which ones you want and what fits with your style aesthetic. When choosing some just be mindful of what you plan to use them for. Will you be at the beach or hitting the town, this might help you narrow down what to choose. Here are our tops picks for the summer months.

Summer Sandal Edition

The Stripe-y Sandal

If you missed the 90s then fear not, the popular minimalist sandal look is back with a vengeance. Most often in monochrome colors like white and black, these strappy crisscrossing sandals are going to be all the rage again 20 years later.

Summer Sandal Edition

Wedge Espadrilles

Wedges never go out of style but this modern take on the wedge espadrille combines the chunky buckle and strap look popularized with Birkenstocks but with a ropy espadrille platform. These sandals are easy to dress up or down and look great with both dresses and shorts making them a very good summer investment.

Summer Sandal Edition

Slip Ons

Adidas made their slip-on popular when they first released them and while they are used as shower sandals and fashion statements alike designer brands have decided to capitalize on this comfy trend. If you are looking for a more ‘haute couture’ slip-on vibe the new Gucci slides provide a bit of pizzazz that you can use to dress up your loungey beach look.

Rope Sandals

With all sorts of materials hitting the market it is no wonder that sandles comprised of rope like they were during Ancient Roman times have once again made a comeback. These relaxed sandals look good in black and tan. You can accessorize them with a beach look or shorts for a day out.


This classic Spanish style was made popular on the shores of Mallorca and Minorca with them finally filtering into the rest of the world. Made from colored leather they are extremely comfortable and incredibly chic. You can wear them for an afternoon tea or pair them with a summer dress as they truly go with anything and can be worn at any time of the day. These are the kind of sandals that are worth splurging on the “real thing” for.