Style Inspiration: Flirty Summer Dresses


A summer dress can literally be worn for any occasion. Going to the beach? Check. Going out for dinner with friends? Check. Going to the office? Check, well as long as it is not too revealing. But really it is a very versatile piece of clothing and when summer rolls around every person who enjoys wearing them can be seen rocking all different styles and colors. This season, the high fashion runways have shown some styles and colors that can be worn by all. Here is what this summer calls for dress-wise.

Ruching and Puffy Sleeves

Kim Kardashian made the Herve Leger bodycon dress an instant classic which saw big retailers scrambling to produce affordable versions but this look is no longer ‘in.’ Ruching and puffy sleeves have replaced it which is a slightly Edwardian fashion but okay. Ruching on the front of dresses and to the side creates a nice hourglass shape, while not being skin tight which is better for hot weather.

Sunset Shades

Those burnt umber colors that spread across the sky, along with deep oranges and reds are the shades that many dresses are coming in this season. Long 50s style skirts and maxi style sheath dresses can be found in deep reds and oranges which look nice against a tan or pale complexion.


If you have considered raiding one of your parent’s closets for traditional tie-dye clothing then this is an excellent time to do it. Those tie-dye looks from the 1970s have come back into fashion full speed ahead But the tie-dye patterns themselves are extremely stylized and not the loose elastic band dipped in dye that you do at home. Some of them have very delicate snowflakes and others have geometric shapes meticulously dyed into them.

The Utility Look

This is not a dress but as a jumpsuit it kind of falls into the category. The jumpsuits often favored by those working in factories with lots of pockets are now all over the runways but with a ‘fashion’ edge to them. Coming in khaki and olive green with a button or zip-up front these jumpsuits are very easy to accessorize to make them look like you are going on safari or even just heading to the office making them a good choice for everyone.

Choose the look that makes you feel the most confident and rock it!