Spruce Up Your Classic Moscow Mule For The Summer


The fizzy gingery taste of a Moscow Mule in its classy burnished metal cup creates a moment of times past as you sip on it. But with summer here it may be time to mix up the classic and add some new ingredients to give it a bit of a kick or a different flavor. These twists on the original recipe will switch up your drinks and make them something that friends will be constantly asking for whenever they come over.

Ginger Beer
Edible Flowers

These are the ingredients you will need to make three different variations on the classic Moscow Mule.

Spruce Up Your Classic Moscow Mule For The Summer


All of these will need the basic Moscow mule mixed first. To make a classic Moscow mule you need to take a shot glass and pour two ounces of vodka into a metal Moscow mule cup full of ice and ginger beer. To top it off you will need to add the juice of half a lime and voila the classic is ready to go OR ready to be spruced up with some additional flavors.

Variation 1:

Take the Moscow mule base that you have pre-mixed. Then select a sprig of the rosemary and place that inside the cup, along with some crushed mint, and sliced cucumber. This will create a botanical Moscow mule that has herbal essences.

Variation 2:

This Moscow mule is a little bit different because it is basically a margarita type mule. Grab your blender and prepare to blend some delicious Moscow Mules. You will need two ounces of vodka, one can of ginger beer, half lime juice, and a couple of handfuls of ice depending on how watery you want your drink to be. Blend everything together, pour into a cup and this mule is ready for sipping. Add a fun straw to spruce up the overall look.

Variation 3:

This recipe will use the cherries. Do not mix a mule yet, you need to make the base which will give it a sweet berry taste. Select four of the cherries, take the pit out and then crush them at the bottom of a metal cup. Once this is done add the juice from half of a lime. Finally, add 2 ounces of vodka, ice, and ginger beer. Combine all of the ingredients delicately so that the flavor of the cherries mixes in. Put a slice of lime on the side of the cup and it is ready to be served.