Simple Tricks To Prevent Frizzy Hair


Nothing can ruin a look more than frizzy hair and many of us have to suffer through frizz on a daily basis. Frizz happens when our hair becomes dry and damaged and the out layer of our hair cuticles are exposed and let moisture in. It is this unwanted moisture that creates the dreaded frizz. With these simple tricks, you will be able to prevent the damage that leads to frizz and take back control of your look.

Avoid the Towel rub
At all costs, you should avoid drying your wet hair with a rough towel. Our hair is at its weakest when its wets and this rough rubbing with a towel can severely damage our precious locks. Instead, try squeezing your hair out and letting it air dry instead. If air drying doesn’t suit your schedule then try switching out the rough towel for an old cotton T-shirt that is less likely to damage your hair.

Stick to Alcohol-Free Products
Alcohol found in gels, mousse, and hairsprays tends to dehydrate and dry out your hair pretty fast.

Dry hair means more fizz so try to avoid using products that contain alcohol. Look out for products that say ‘alcohol-free’ on the label and your hair will thank you later. Not only will your hair be more hydrated it will also be stronger and healthier.

Avoid Unnecessary Heat
Ever find yourself drying your hair and noticing the smell of burnt hair? Well, that is because things like straighteners and blowdryers emit a lot of heat. This heat not only drys out your hair but can also damage it.

So instead try to avoid using heat when you dry your hair and where possible turn the heat down. Like you, your hair is sensitive and happy hair is healthy hair.