Simple Home Remedies to Soften Dry Heels

With spring weather approaching you may be looking forward to switching out those boots for some cute heels. Sadly, for many of us, the dry winter air dries out our skin which can lead to dry, cracked heels. While this may not be ideal for summer shoes it isn’t the end of the world. With these simple tricks, you can say goodbye to dry cracked heels and say hello to showing off your feet again.

Keep your feet dry
Getting your feet wet in the winter weather can be a nightmare for your skin. Whether its winter rain or pesky snow, wearing the right shoes can be important for keeping dry. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.

You can always seal canvas and cloth shoes with wax to keep the moisture out. Simply rub wax or a white candle on your shoes and melt it with a hairdryer. This should add an extra layer of protection.

You need to keep the skin of your feet moisturized. Try to use a good moisturizer at least once a day and when possible try using petroleum jelly right after a bath or shower. This jelly will help seal in the moisture from your shower and provide a protective barrier on your feet.This should help prevent moisture loss but also protect your skin from germs and fungus.

Soak those footsies
Soaking your feet on occasion not only helps relax and sooth-tired feet, but it also softens your skin. This is perfect right before exfoliating your skin with a gentle pumice stone.

Using a pumice stone to exfoliate will keep dry skin at bay and remove the buildup of dead skin and calluses. This will also leave your feet feeling soft and refreshed.