Simple Home Remedies To Clear A Stuffy Nose


Whether its due to seasonal changes or a build-up of dust in your home, stuffy sinuses can become unbearable. Often times this congestion and buildup can result in headaches and difficulty breathing that keep you from your daily routine. While over the counter pharmaceuticals are a quick fix, oftentimes these leave us feeling drowsy and prolonged use is just not an option. Luckily there are plenty of handy home remedies available that could help clear nasal congestion. Keep scrolling to see which home remedy is best for you.

Drink Hot tea
If you are left feeling stuffy then try drinking some hot teas like green tea, rooibos or lemon. Make sure to skip dairy as this will only contribute to any congestion. The heat of the warm tea will help loosen any congestion and also help hydrate you. If you are fighting a cold try adding some fresh ginger and honey to the tea to give it an extra kick.

Try a neti pot
While they are extremely popular today, neti pots are not a new thing. Neti pots have been used for centuries by Indian practitioners as an effective way to clear nasal decongestion. By adding some saline solution to the neti pot you can easily clear your nasal passages in a flash, and neti pots have shown to be more effective over time than saline sprays. Making your own saline with warm water further aids in decongesting your sinuses as the heat helps release the buildup.

Try steam
Now, this remedy is guaranteed to work and it’s a quick fix to clear those nasal passages. You can either try a home humidifier which will help ease congestion, or you can go old school and try inhaling steam. To inhale steam simply place some boiled water in a sink or bucket and leave over the water to inhale the steam.

By placing a towel over your head you can also trap steam and breathe in more. This trick helps clear your sinuses, eases any congestion in the chest and leaves your skin looking amazing.