Save Yourself the Stress of Poor Trip Planning

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Save Yourself the Stress of Poor Trip Planning

Vacations exist partially as a way to relax, which is why it’s quite unfortunate that we often end up getting extremely stressed out by the trips we take, instead. If you find yourself dreading the thought of your next vacation because you’ve had trip-related disasters before or you just don’t feel properly prepared, have no fear! You’ll be much better off after you read these trip planning tips.

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Save Yourself the Stress of Poor Trip Planning

First of all, don’t rely on your own intuition to schedule an unforgettable vacation. It can be tempting to “just wing it,” ask friends for advice, or simply show up and see what the locals have to say, but it’s nearly always a much better idea to do a bit of research ahead of time. The best part? You don’t have to do what the experts advise. It’s just that: advice.

City guides can be a godsend when it comes to trying to figure out what to do during a trip to an unfamiliar locale. From restaurant recommendations to deciding where to stay or factoring the city’s layout into your daily plans, city guides will have you covered.

However, the age of digital information doesn’t require you to shut out traditional media completely. While they won’t be as helpful when it comes to something like what hot new restaurants to check out, published travel books will be much more thorough regarding sight-seeing, local history, and other subjects.

In addition, check out social media to see if any notable individuals that you follow on Twitter or Instagram have traveled to the location recently. You may find a terrific Instagram account that shows off relatively unknown spots that you’d like to explore yourself, or you could end up in a Twitter conversation with someone who has been where you’re going and can give you the skinny on what to do and what to steer clear of.

Finally, use the technology of resources like Google Maps to help you plan your trip during the final stages before you depart. It will make it much easier for you and your companions to get around once you arrive.

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Save Yourself the Stress of Poor Trip Planning

It will also give you options so that you can adjust your vacation plans on the fly. You can even tag some additional areas of interest in case you end up with extra time or decide to “wing it” a little bit after all.