Remedies To Fight Puffy Eyes

Whether you wake up with them or if you have been crying or have allergies; puffy eyes can make us look a little worse for wear. When our eyes are puffy and swollen we may not look or feel our best and it can really get in the way of being fabulous. Instead of letting it get you down, try some of these easy hacks and say goodbye to puffy eyes.

Invest in an eye-roller
An eye-roller can help you gently massage the area around the eyes and get rid of inflammation. If you have an eye-roller wand you can rinse it in cool water before rolling to cool the ball and add some extra cooling to the swollen area. Simply hold the eye-roller wand like you would an eye pencil and sweep back and forth on the affected area.At your local beauty or drug store, you can also get special eye-roller sticks that are filled with brightening liquids to give you an extra boost.

Use a cooling eye mask
If swollen eyes are a normal thing to expect in the mornings simply keep a cooling eye mask in the fridge or freezer and wear it each morning.

The cooling gel acts as a cold compress and is perfect for reducing swelling and redness. After a few minutes, you should be good as new and ready to get started with your day.

Get some witch hazel astringent
Witch hazel may be a funny looking flower but it packs quite a punch if you are looking to combat red, swollen and puffy skin. While this magical plant can be found in several moisturizers and face creams, you can always buy some alcohol-free all-natural witch hazel astringent which can be applied to the affected area with a cotton pad.

Remedies To Fight Puffy Eyes

For stubborn cases, hold the cotton pad to your eye for a few minutes.