Procrastination: 4 Tools And Tips To Get Motivated


We have all found ourselves putting off things today and thinking to ourselves, oh I can get it done tomorrow. In the words of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind “… after all tomorrow is another day,” is the perfect example of procrastination. At times we all find ourselves getting sidetracked by things like social media or Netflix when really we should be working, studying, and so much more. These four tools and tips will get you off the couch and get your tasks completed. The key is motivation.

Baby Steps

Even if you feel like you cannot start a task like cleaning the kitchen, the simple act of walking into the kitchen or putting dishes in the dishwasher might be all the motivation you need to do a deep clean. Physically putting yourself where you need to do the task is sometimes all it takes to get started. This is the same with exercise, walk around the block and you may find yourself walking five kilometers like you intended to.


If you do not give yourself a set timeline for when to finish something it makes it that much easier to let it fall to the wayside and not be completed. Create a To Do List with items you can mark off, or a deadline on your calendar so that you have to have certain tasks completed by then. Firm deadlines, such as those you get at work should be instituted in your home life. That way there are consequences that will prevent you from procrastinating for too long.

Turn Your Phone Off

One of the number one things we are all guilty of is checking our phones too often and being distracted by the myriad notifications we receive as messages, news alerts, and shopping discounts come in. Turning your phone off for a set time period can allow you to turn your mind to the task at hand. If something is important people will leave a message or understand that you are busy. It is that simple.

Reward System

Everybody likes rewards, Pavlov’s dog theory showed that. If you feel like you need a reward in order to complete your task such as a nice dinner out or a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe then select the stimulus you need to achieve your goals. If it is a small task such as cleaning the kitchen you can reward yourself by watching your favorite show for 30 minutes. If it is a big project like building a shed then it can be a bigger reward and so forth. These are just some tools to get you started on your path to success.