How To Create A New Moon Ritual

As a new moon approaches, it represents the start of a new lunar cycle, symbolizing beginnings. The new moon marks a fresh start, a powerful time for reflection, and an opportunity to let go of the old. It is a chance to release, to surrender, and to accept what has been, while opening your heart for what will be.

New moon rituals are a really special way to reflect, and to think about what you want for the coming month ahead. Focus on self-care, try a social media detox, and go inwards. Ask yourself, what is it that you want to receive, or achieve, to learn or to create? Welcome in opportunities, love, positive energy, and say no to anything that does not serve you.

So here are some top tips, to really connect to the energy of the moon, and to yourself, so that for the next month you can really tap into this and step into your power.

Set Your Intentions

Start by setting some positive intentions for the coming weeks, and write them down in a safe place, or make your own moon journal.


In your journal, write down affirmations to remind yourself of your power and how far you have come. This is a chance to acknowledge your worth, and your achievements.

Some examples are:

“I am loved” “I am worthy” “I am powerful” “I am beautiful” “I am strong”.

Cleanse your space and aura

Smudging with sage is a positive way of cleaning and detoxifying the space, and your aura of old energy, and negativity that you have been holding on to. Sage is a powerful herb that also kills germs and bacteria, so it will make way for new, clean energy to arise.


Meditation is an amazing tool for relaxing the mind, connecting to the body and also your higher self. Use this time to really focus on breathing deeply in and out, and with the breath, let it reach every cell, to rid it of things you have been holding onto inside the body, to refresh and reboot. Bring your body back to life with the breath. Breathe in for three deep breaths, then hold that breath for three counts, and then breath out slowly for five counts, and continue this for a couple of minutes, with your eyes closed. Notice your body, how does it feel? Has your mind quietened? Journal what comes up for you.