The Perfect White Lychee Sangria


When you hear the word ‘sangria’ you typically think of the red wine-based fruity goodness that is of Spanish origin. But white wine sangria is a lovely refreshing take on the classic and when mixed with certain exotic fruits, like lychees, it can be the perfect accompaniment to a brunch or cocktail hour. Here is what you need to up your sangria game and have your guests begging for the recipe.

1 Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc
½ Cup of Elderflower Liqueur
20 Ounce Can of Lychees
¾ Cup of Lychee Syrup from the Can
2 Limes
3-6 Fresh Lychee


Since sangria is best served in a pitcher you will want to find a large glass or plastic one in which to mix your sangria and let it chill. Once you have procured one of these then the sangria mixing can commence.

First, pour the entire bottle of sauvignon blanc into the pitcher. Then take the can of lychees, and drain the can over a bowl. You will want to save the lychee juice from the can and set it aside. Now, pour in the elderflower liqueur, the drained lychees, and a ¾ cup of the drained lychee juice. The two limes will need to be sliced very thinly and then also placed within the pitcher. Once everything is in the pitcher using a large spoon or another stirring utensil you will want to make sure everything is stirred and combined. You may be tempted to taste the sangria but it is not ready yet.

The sangria will need to chill in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours. It is best to actually let the sangria chill overnight as this allows the flavors to combine and create that oh so delicious refreshing lychee sangria that will have guests complimenting you for days. Once the sangria has chilled you can serve it in the pitcher or you can add some ice to it. Just be mindful that if you put the ice directly in the pitcher it will water it down quite significantly and it won’t have that crisp flavor you want. It is best to put some ice cubes in the individual glasses before you serve it. Some fresh lychees are a nice way to garnish the whole thing and guests can also nibble on them once they are finished sipping on the sangria.