It’s Not Too Late for These Summer Fashion Tips

Part of the summer has passed, but it’s never too late to look trendy. Don’t shrug through the rest of the summer wearing the same old tired styles. Instead, adopt some of these super simple fashion tips so that you can look your best even as the weather continues to heat up.

Go Natural

Summer is not really the time to bust out polyester or rayon tops. Instead, rely on natural fabrics that will not only look great no matter what the weather does, but also do a better job of keeping you cool and dry instead of hot and sweaty.

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Comfort Can Look Good

There’s always a false perception, especially among women, that looking your best means being uncomfortable. As any woman who has worn high heels will tell you, this is sometimes true, but there’s no reason it always has to be true. In fact, a lot of very comfortable clothes, including a flowing maxi dress or a more loose fitting cami top, can be very cute and functional all at the same time.

Be Smart With Accessories

Summer heat prevents most women from being able to accessorize as much as they usually do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to liven up your outfits. While you’ll want to stay away from heavy embellishments on hot days, a fun hat with a wide brim will provide you with plenty of shade on bright, sunny days. Meanwhile, a lightweight scarf can also take the heat off your neck and shoulders without weighing you down.

Layering Is Okay

It’s easy to assume that layering is a bad idea during the summer, but just as with many other fashion topics, it’s more about the execution than the principle. You can layer, but make sure that your jackets and other items are unlined, which will allow them to breathe while providing you with a little extra protection from the sun.

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Go For a Smaller Handbag

Yes, you’ve been putting off getting a smaller handbag and cleaning out many of the unnecessary items in your old one for a long time. But hey, spring isn’t just the time for cleaning houses, but purses, as well. Get rid of all the extra things you started carrying all winter so that you can carry a smaller handbag instead of a large tote that will cling to your body on hot days. You won’t regret it.