Why You Need To Head To This Healthy Tel Aviv Hot Spot

Why You Need To Head To This Healthy Tel Aviv Hot Spot

As the wellness industry continues to grow, more and more of us are becoming health conscious, swapping our daily frappucinos for matcha lattes and superfood smoothies.

Tel Aviv’s health food scene is booming, with an abundance of delicious vegan friendly, raw cafes and juice bars popping up around the funky city.

If you want a new healthy addiction, head to Jusa.

Jusa, is the coolest cold pressed juice brand in Tel Aviv, offering an enticing array of fresh cold pressed juices and smoothies, that are all made in house each day, using only the freshest ingredients. This is one shop that knows its stuff.  As you enter the flagship location, a huge fridge awaits, housing an abundance of different options.

From simple fresh juices, metabolism boosters and cleansers to the most delicious nut milk based smoothies, that taste like pure heaven, you are spoiled for choice. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and are on hand to offer their assistance, should you need guidance.

Why You Need To Head To This Healthy Tel Aviv Hot Spot

We highly recommend the fitness smoothie, which is a creamy blend of house made almond milk, coconut milk, dates for natural sweetness, peanut butter and a hint of Maca for a superfood boost of energy.

If you want to give your digestion a rest, to reboot, recharge and kick-start your way to summer, their juice cleanses are a great option, to help you feeling healthier inside and out. You can choose from 1, 3 or 5 day packages, and can even have them delivered to you each morning.


We tried the beginner 5 day cleanse, and highly recommend it. Each day you receive 7 juices, plus a refreshing aloe vera shot. We loved the morning starter; a green apple, lemon, and ginger juice with a hint of cayenne pepper to really get that metabolism fired up. Throughout the day, you’ll fill yourself up full of green goodness and antioxidants to clean your insides and give you the nutrients that you need.

You won’t have to worry about feeling hungry, especially as the last one is a filling smoothie. We have to say, that this was our absolute favorite part of the day. The final frontier (or smoothie)  is called Nirvana, and for good reason too.  This sweet combination of home-made cashew milk, cinnamon and dates, is pure magic, it tastes just like a milkshake.


Why You Need To Head To This Healthy Tel Aviv Hot Spot


If you want a sugar-free sweet treat to beat the heat, you know where to go. We promise you, we have just revolutionized your daily routine. So get on the health train, in time for summer, and make it your mission to go to Jusa.  Swap your morning coffee for a cold pressed juice instead.

Jusa, Ibn Gabirol 151, Tel Aviv