Monday Motivation: 5 Health Tips To Get You Through The Week

Monday Motivation: 5 Health Tips To Get You Through The Week

It’s Monday, which means that whatever happened at the weekend, has gone and it is time for a fresh start. So whether it is starting your diet, cutting out coffee, walking more this week, or dedicating yourself to more you time, there is no better time than to start now. Here are some top tips to help keep you on track, for a happy and healthy week.


Write down three goals for the day, each morning, and that way you will start your day with a positive and clear mind set. Before bed, cross them off, and it will feel so good having achieved those goals.

Get Your Greens In

Add more veggies to your meals, whether it be throwing in a handful of spinach in your breakfast smoothie, or grilling some greens for your dinner. They are full of fibre, nutrients and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Get Movin’

If you cant get yourself to the gym, don’t worry, every little helps. Get off the bus one stop early, or climb the stairs instead of the escalator, park your car that extra bit further away. These little efforts will make all the difference, in getting your heart rate pumping and your body moving.

Listen To Happy Tunes

Blast out your favorite songs while getting ready for work, or on the way to the office. Have a boogie in the bedroom when getting dressed, or dance in the shower. You will be surprised at how much of a difference it can make to your mood.

Drink Drink Drink

Make sure you drink a lot of water. If you can’t down a bottle of cold water, make a big pot of herbal tea.