Meditation For Beginners

With the new year now here, quicker than we all realized, we’re ready to attack all those things we wanted to do in 2018 but didn’t. Setting a New Year’s Resolution is something most of us do, mostly setting intentions for a healthier mind and body in 2019. There are plenty of new year, new me diets out there if you’re worried about the little smidge of Christmas weight gain – you’re beautiful by the way – but we want to offer you a guide for something different. Today, Mindfulness is no longer a taboo and we’re here to give you some meditation tips for all the beginners out there.

The mind is a very sensitive and amazing thing and we are learning more and more about how important it is to look after it and meditation is one of the best ways. Meditation allows you some of that much needed ‘you’ time and gives you access to a space in which you can locate and disappear to, wherever you may be. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s certainly not easy, it takes practice and time but believe us, your perseverance will be more than worth it and after all, don’t you deserve that time?

Meditation allows you to worry less, become more peaceful, more focused and give you a free place to escape to. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. Here are our meditation beginners’ tips –

Start With Two Minutes

Sounds easy right? Find a place, it can be anywhere you like, somewhere you can be comfortable and just sit, in silence for two minutes and do this once a day for a week. If this is an easy state for you, go into your next week and increase it to four minutes. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become. Increase your time as you wish until you reach the ten-minute mark.

Do It How You Want To

Don’t worry about it! This is the opposite as to why we meditate. Don’t fill yourself with questions about if you are doing it right, or if you are sitting right. Sit how you feel comfortable, be where you are comfortable. Sit, don’t overthink and just be.

Try these two steps over the next month and see how well you can get on with these easy beginners, meditation tips.