A Meaningful Guide to Practicing Self-Love

In the rush of our daily lives, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and take ourselves for granted. Often times when things don’t work out, we end up blaming and resenting ourselves and this only makes things difficult for us in the future. Our internal world reflects upon each of our experiences. As we grow older, the weight of existence can become a burden. We are plagued by feelings of pressure, self-doubt and that small internal voice that sometimes tells us we are simply not enough. Our self-love is a measure of our capacity to love others, to practice kindness, to enter into each interaction with the lightness of self-worth. Keep reading for useful tips on loving yourself and not taking yourself for granted.

Be mindful of your thoughts.

Our thoughts have the capacity to steer your ship, to change our fate, to determine the potential beauty of each day. Allow yourself the space to acknowledge negative thoughts and feelings of discomfort. But do not dwell. Release them.

Focus on how you can love and be useful to others

Philosopher Erich Fromm said, “In the experience of love lies the only answer to being human, lies sanity.”An act of generosity and kindness towards someone else can change the way we feel about ourselves. There is no greater way to feel a sense of worth than by offering our physical or emotional support to another.

Be Grateful

It is so easy to become preoccupied with the negative space in our lives, to be consumed by what we do not have. Be grateful for what you have, the here, the now. Your health, your unique strength, your complexity, and your loved ones should not be overlooked.

Find what nurtures you

The world is a wildly open and accessible place. Seek out things, people and experiences that truly serve you. Be curious. Remain bold. Be unafraid. Pick a new skill to learn, develop your interests, expand your knowledge.

Be still

There is divine beauty in stillness, in quiet moments shared only with yourself.

Take time and make space for a daily ritual of stillness. Sit within yourself, disregard your screens, be sentient, be conscious and take time to acknowledge your thoughts, emotions, and sensations.