Mantras To Start The Day With

Everybody goes through a time in their life where they find that their thoughts are tending towards the negative more than the positive. Perhaps things are not going very well at work and you find yourself bringing home those negative emotions at night and waking up with them. In other cases, perhaps a relationship with a friend or partner is nearing an end or is going through a period of difficulty which makes mornings especially hard to maintain a positive outlook in.

These five mantras are designed for those who are both happy and a little bit down to start the day off right and get pumped up for what is to come. As Scarlett O’Hara said in Gone With The Wind, “After all, tomorrow is a new day.” So make the most of this one with these three messages.

Progress Is More Important Than Perfection

Nobody is perfect and trying to attain perfection can actually lead to increased amounts of stress. But being mindful of the process and knowing that every day is leading to the bigger picture or the completion of a project is what is important. Every day and every small victory should be celebrated.

Mantras To Start The Day With

I Will Ask For Help If I Need It

Many people feel that they can only rely on themselves both for personal and professional problems. Recognizing that you need help and knowing who to ask is important when it comes to getting the support you need. No problem has to be tackled solo and if it is a work problem chances are others are experiencing the exact same issues. It is rare for one person to be the only one going through the same thing.

Only Focus On The Positive

Each day is a gift and focusing on the negative will mean that you do not see the positive that surrounds everyone. While things can seem bad finding one positive is important on the road to leading a happy life. If things are bad at work, remember that you made an excellent coffee in the morning which gave you ten minutes of happiness as you sipped it. It does not need to be something big but then when something big does happen, imagine how good it will feel.

You have the power to start each day off on a positive note all it takes are a few words to yourself and a support system you know and trust. Embrace the power of positivity.