Makeup Tips All The Influencers Use

With the constant stream of TikTokers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers showing off their makeup tips, it can be hard to know what’s a good tip and what’s not. On top of that you have to decide if this is a new trick that’s worth trying. We know how time consuming it is to determine this, which is why we’ve made it easy for you. These are the latest makeup trends that all fashionistas need to try.

Neon Colors

A lot of looks tend to be geared towards the ‘au naturel’ look. Makeup is meant to be subtle, and enhance your already beautiful features. However, it can be nice to change-up that look, and incorporate a bit of color. Neon eyeliners, in yellow, pink, and blue can make a neutral makeup look pop.

Light Lip Liner

That 90s look, that incorporates a dark visible lip liner along with a matching lipstick is very much in fashion. Instead of using a dark liner, consider trying an opaque white lip liner. It might look a bit shocking at first, but after you have lined your lips, smudge the liner into your lip line. This will make your lip line look more defined, and your lips more luscious. A nice lipstick will blend with the white, which will make the white virtually invisible.

Pixie Eyelashes

In the 1960s, the model Twiggy made the wide-eyed Bambi look the most sought after makeup style. Now, the clumpy mascara style is back. Influencers and actresses are beginning to wear mascara that clumps their eyelashes together and gives them that just rolled out of bed look. It’s easy to achieve that look. All you need to do is apply a couple of heavy coats of mascara and delicately attach some of your eyelashes to one another. If you want a heavier mascara look, then add some false eyelashes.

Eye Serum For Eyelids

Skincare is more important than ever, as we enter winter. To keep your skin looking plump and healthy, you need to incorporate some heavy duty moisturizers into your routine. A lot of natural makeup looks, call for eyelids that appear to glisten. Eye serum can be applied to eyelids and left to soak in. This will make your eyelids appear glossy, without needing to apply makeup to them.

Bedroom Eyes

Last but not least, have you thought about putting eyeliner under your eyes, rather than on the eyelid? Most people don’t realize that eyeliner under your eyes will make them appear sleepier. This look gives you the appearance of walking off the pages of French Vogue. Combine this with a nice pout, and you will be on your way to being a model in no time.