The Surprising Net Worth Of Each Royal Family Member

Contrary to popular belief, the Royals aren’t funded by taxpayers. They’re independently wealthy with inheritances, crowd estates, and allowances. Alone, the crown jewels have an estimated worth between £3 and £5 billion ($4 – $6.6 billion). Take a look at what they are all worth.

Queen Elizabeth II ($550 Million)

The only people in Britain whose wealth rivals the Queen’s are none other than two of Britain’s finest exports; Victoria and David Beckham. Most of the Queen’s wealth derives from her many properties. She’s got a $140 million castle in the Scottish Highlands and the $65 million Sandringham House. Surprisingly, the Queen is the owner of every single wild swan in the country. She is also an avid stamp collector, owning one of the largest and most valuable collections in the world. On top of her over $10 billion in properties and art collection, Queen Elizabeth II gets a $12.9 million government stipend for her role as the monarch.

Prince Philip ($20 Million)

Prince Philip is one of the few 97-year-olds who is still managing to rake in the millions. The Prince gets paid just for his title, he earns an impressive $442,000 a year for his royal standing. Most of his wealth is supposedly made in exchange for his many duties that he performs in support of the Queen.

Prince Charles ($100 Million)

The Duke of Cornwall, and the current heir to the throne has a gargantuan net worth. Though Prince Charles may have an estimated $100 million in liquid holdings, his assets are said to be worth around $1.3 billion. As the sole beneficiary to his mum’s real estate portfolio, the Prince stands to earn a whole lot more in the future.


Prince William ($40 Million)

Second in line to the throne, Prince William has a bank account to match his good fortune. On his thirtieth birthday, he reportedly received a £13m in trust and estate from his late mother Princess Diana. William also raked in $450,000 per annum in investment profits by the time he was 21 and receives a hefty allowance from his loving dad that’s rumored to be worth about $4.6 million. Though Prince William was a licensed pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance, he magnanimously donated his $62,000 per year salary to charitable organizations.

Prince Harry ($40 Million)

Sixth in line to the throne, Prince Harry is still boasting some serious bucks. Like his older brother, Harry gained access to a £13m inheritance when he turned 30. He also received $450,000 a year in investments and the same $4.6 million allowance from his dad, Prince Charles.

Prince George ($3.6 Billion)

Prince George may be only four years old, but he has a future inheritance that will put most adults net worths to shame. His net worth was also calculated based on his value to the British economy, the adorable little guy has the potential to drive billions in sales to the national economy.

Princess Charlotte ($5 Billion)

Princess Charlotte is fourth in line for the throne with an estimated worth of $1.5 billion more than her older brother, George. If her inheritance fails, she can always rely on her future in fashion. According to what is known as the “Charlotte effect,” everything the little girl wears sells out across the UK within 24 hours.

Prince Louis ($70 Million)

Prince Louis is only months old, but the baby boy supposedly added an estimated $70 million of worth to the country’s economy. The royal family is said to generate $2.5 billion every year for the British economy. The new baby’s reported net worth comes from a combination of tourist souvenir sales and collectible memorabilia.

Princess Diana ($55 Million)

In August 1997, the world tragically lost Diana, the Princess of Wales. At the time of her unforeseen passing, the people’s Princess was very wealthy. She had an estimated $55 million personal net worth. Despite her many non-traditional stances, her independent wealth skyrocketed after divorcing from Prince Charles. After the divorce was settled, the Princess reportedly received a $22.8 million lump sum along with a recurring allowance. Following her death, her estate was split up and divided between her two remaining sons.

Camilla Parker-Bowles ($5 Million)

In April 2005 Camilla Parker-Bowles wed Prince Charles, but before officially becoming a royal, Camilla was always very well off. Her father was the Vice Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex and she spent her opulent youth mixing with high society members. Parker-Bowles is said to have now amassed a $5 million fortune but she is also owed her share of her husband’s $1.3 billion fortune in assets. No prenup was signed before the royal wedding ceremony.

Sarah Ferguson ($1 Million)

Sarah Ferguson, the former Dutchess of York, only has a $1 million net worth, but she currently lives in a £13 million home that she inherited after the high profile divorce proceedings. Fergie was one of the few scorned royals who didn’t crack an invite to the most recent royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She currently works as a public speaker and film producer.

Prince Andrew ($82 Million)

Prince Andrew is no stranger to two of fame’s most fickle friends: money and scandal. The Duke of York’s marriage to Sarah Ferguson ended in scandal when the royal lady was famously photographed having her toes sucked by her financial advisor. Unsurprisingly, divorce soon followed. Prince Andrew is still an incredibly wealthy businessman. The royal is an investor who has an impressive list of holdings including properties, the football team the London Angels, a luxury vodka brand, and a high-end perfume.

Princess Beatrice ($5 million)

Princess Beatrice is the eldest daughter of the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson. Her wealth is credited to a royal trust that was established in her name by the Queen. She also reportedly earns an impressive allowance from her dear Dad.

Princess Eugenie ($5 Million)

Princess Eugenie is ninth in line to the throne and has the bank balance to prove it. Her wealth is thanked largely to a trust fund set up by the Queen Mother and an additional trust owed to her parents which were set up following their scandalous divorce. The Princess is also the associate director of Hauer & Wirth, a successful London art gallery.

Prince Edward ($45 Million)

The Earl of Wessex is said to be worth a whopping $45 million. He is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Prince Edward was first an officer cadet in the Royal Marines but his military career was short lived. He then tried his hand at pursuing his true passion: theatre work. He worked briefly as a production assistant. Today, the Earl focusses on his many royal duties.

Sophie Helen ($45 Million)

Sophie Helen, before becoming the Countess of Wessex, worked as a publicist but has since turned her efforts to her charity work. Sophie is a patron of numerous charities and is also said to assist the Queen in organizing her attendance at royal events. She has amassed a personal net worth of $45 million.

Princess Anne ($100 Million)

Princess Anne puts her $100 million fortune to good use. The Royal is a patron to over 200 organizations. She also remains one of the only British royal family members to have competed in the Olympic Games. She won three medals, one gold, and two silver for her equestrian skills at the European Eventing Championships.

Zara Phillips ($20 million)

Zara Phillips has established her very own business empire, far beyond her Royal connections. She has a sponsorship with the clothing label Musto reportedly worth $1.55 million. She is also the face of Howrse, an online game for equestrians, and has lucrative deals with both Rolex and Land Rover. She has also launched a successful line of high-market jewelry and perfumes.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa’s net worth might be considerably lower than that of her sister Kate’s, but the Middleton sister is by no means a royal pauper. Pippa married financier James Matthews in May 2016. Matthews has an estimated personal fortune of $2.6 billion. Matthews runs a prestigious selection of Britain’s top hedge funds.

Lady Kitty Spencer ($100 million)

Lady Kitty is the oldest child of Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, and former model Victoria Lockwood. Her family’s net worth reportedly stands at $154 million. With her pedigree lineage, fabulous good looks and penchant for the finer things in life, she was seemingly destined to be one of Britain’s rising it-girls.

Charles Spencer ($149 million)

Earl Charles Spencer was born Charles Edward Maurice Spencer to the Viscount and Viscountess, John and Frances Spencer. The brother of the late great Princess Diana is reportedly worth $149 million.

Lady Amelia Windsor

Lady Amelia Windsor is one of the youngest and most beautiful members of the esteemed Royal Family. The daughter of Dr. Sylvana Tomaselli and Earl George Windsor, Amelia is only 36th in line to the throne but her natural good looks are set to make her a small fortune. She most recently signed a contract with one of the top modeling agencies in the world. She is set to make over $1 million each year through sponsorship deals, collaborations, and modeling campaigns.

Amelia and Eliza Spencer ($149 million)

The lovely twins Amelia and Eliza were raised in Cape Town following their parents notorious messy, high-profile divorce. They will surely inherit their fair share of their father’s $149 million fortune and are also set to ultimately inherit the family’s estate, Althorp.

Louis Spencer ($196 million)

Despite Kitty being the eldest Spencer child, gorgeous Louis is said to be the prime inheritor of the family’s magnificent Althorp House. The idyllic estate is home to Diana’s final resting place boasting 30 grand bedrooms. Louis is well known as the family’s most sought after eligible bachelor.

Kate Middleton ($10 Million)

Though Kate Middleton has not always been of the Royals, she still comes from a long line of wealthy descendants. The Middletons had a net worth of $50 million largely thanks to Party Pieces, the wildly successful online party supply family business. The notoriously frugal Kate has a net worth of over $10 million.

Meghan Markle ($5 Million)

Owed to her successful acting career, Markle’s bank account is nothing to snipe at. It’s reported that she earned around $50,000 per episode of Suits and was thought to rake in another $500, 000 from sponsorships. Markle increased her wealth when she tied the knot to Prince Harry. Though she had to ditch her acting career, its said she earns a hefty allowance from her father-in-law, Prince Charles.