Unusual Things The Kardashians Can’t Live Without In Their Homes

Questionable Items the Kardashians Have in Their Homes

Whether you love them or hate them, audiences have been keeping up with the Kardashians since 2007. The reality family has since branched out to fashion lines, makeup, and plenty of spin-off shows. While some fans love to emulate them, many of us are interested to know more about reality TVs, first family. Luckily for us, we get to see so much of their lives from the TV shows and social media posts. It seems the  Kardashian/Jenners have a love for everything luxurious, and these questionable items in their homes will take fans by surprise. Here are some of the more peculiar items the Kardashians keep in their homes and can’t live without.

Custom Toilet Paper

Momager Kris has always been pretty strict about keeping her homes a certain way. In fact, fans got to see this in an earlier season of the family’s hit show. Kris is also very into color coordination, and this has led to one of the strangest items on our list.

When Kris redid her bathrooms in black tile and marble, she decided to order custom black toilet paper to match the decor. According to sources, Kim cannot stand her mother’s black toilet paper, but Kris is adamant that no white toilet paper enters the house. This must have made things a little awkward when people were rushing to buy up toilet paper recently.

Kar Kollection

Kylie has always had a huge social media presence, and often fans get to see Kylie pose with her many cars. Kylie loves her custom cars, and her collection is rumored to be worth over $14 million!

Like her mom, Kylie loves to color coordinate. Many of her cars are color coordinated for each season and occasion. Kylie’s cars are housed in a special garage on her property and rumor has it she is almost out of space. With friends and family often gifting Kylie the latest hotrods, it seems she may need a bigger garage!

Money Flowers

For billionaire and makeup mogul Kylie, normal flowers just don’t seem to cut it. While many of the family members spend thousands on designer flower arrangements, Kylie went another route.

A fan of origami, Ky had custom folded flowers made for her office and home. Each flower is made with several folded $100 bills. We wouldn’t be surprised if several go missing each week.

Designer Playrooms

When Kanye and Kim designed their new Hidden Hills home, a considerable amount of planning went into every detail. Even the children’s playrooms were coordinated with the home’s cold aesthetic.

The kid’s playroom is to be kept clean and organized at all times, and toys are to be put on display in the corner. We guess that doesn’t allow a lot of free play for the kids and nannies and staff have to ensure that the room is picture-perfect at all times.

Handbag Rooms

If you didnt know already, one thing Kylie loves more than her customer cars is her collection of custom designer handbags. Like momager Kris, Kylie loves to have a designer bag or two.

However, Kylie has so many designer handbags that she had to build a special room to house them. Kylie’s handbag room is climate controlled, and because some of those bags are pretty pricey, the room is as secure as a bank vault. Kylie’s most expensive handbag is a rare Hermes bag that is valued at over $150K!

In-Home Bowling

Before moving to their new home in Hidden Hills, Kim and Kanye owned a home in Beverly Hills. One of the things Kim wanted in the home was a bowling alley, and the reality star made sure to get it.

The alley featured multiple lanes for all the kids and cousins to play and cost quite a bundle to complete. However, with Kanye taking the lead on the design of the new home, its unlikely their Hidden Hills home has anything similar.

Designer Music Box

When Kim welcomed daughter Chicago to the West family, it was a big occasion. Naturally, the family was quick to buy gifts for the new addition to the family.

But no gift was more extravagant than the gift given by Grandma Kris. Kris gifted Kim and Chicago a custom-made Louis Vuitton music box that cost over $3500. Apparently, Kris has purchased the same box for each grandchild since North was born, and each box has its own custom tune.

Frozen Yogurt Machines

At any point in time, there are plenty of people in the Kardashian West home. Whether it is the family members or the numerous staff members, the house is normally packed with people. It’s no surprise then that the kitchen runs more like a cafeteria than a family kitchen.

Both Kanye and the kids love frozen yogurt, and since they cannot just casually step out to get some, it is no surprise that the family’s kitchen has its own frozen yogurt machine. With several flavors, the machine gets a lot of use.

Wax Figurine

When reporters asked Kim Kardashian was the weirdest item in her mother’s house was, the star was quick to respond. According to Kim, Kris has a lifesized wax figure of herself in her living room.

It’s not clear if Kris had the figure custom made or if it was a gift, but Kris loves to bring it out when she has guests. In fact, when Kris had Chrissy Teigen over for dinner one night, Chrissy apparently couldn’t stop looking at the figure that was placed in the corner. We don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty freaky to us.

Kustom Kandy

When you are a Kardashian or Jenner, normal candy just ain’t gonna cut it! That is why when Kylie orders candy for her office or home, she makes sure to get something with a special touch.

Kylie orders custom M&Ms and starbursts that have her face on them. Not only that, but all the candy in Kylie’s home or office can only be pink. After all, Kardashian candy has to look good as well as taste good.

Kids Kars

One thing is for sure, the Kardashian/Jenner clan loves expensive cars. However, these cars aren’t only for adults.

Each of the grandkids has their own custom made sparkly Bently. In fact, they each have several of these custom electric cars, each one costing around $15K. According to sources, baby Stormi has quite the collection of cars, much like her famous mom. In fact, actress Jennifer Lawrence once bought Kris a custom baby Porche that the grandkids get to ride whenever they go over to visit Grandma Kris. Talk about the good life!

Swarovski Covered Rocking Horse

If a sparkling Bently wasn’t enough, Kim also bought her kids a custom Swarovski covered rocking horse. The horse features hundreds of thousands of genuine crystals, and while it may not be too comfortable to play on, it sure looks great.

The rocking horse as made by a UK couple who sold everything to buy the crystals. While they hoped to sell the horse to buyers in Dubai or Monte Carlo, they were unable to find a buyer for the expensive creature. Luckily Kim came along and bought the horse for an impressive sum.

Wig Rooms

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Kylie has some rather dramatic hairstyle changes in front of the cameras. One minute she may appear blond with long locks and the next to be sporting a short brunette bob. Well, it turns out Kylie loves wearing wigs.

Naturally, with an impressive collection of custom wigs, queen Kylie needed somewhere to put them. So the mogul built her very own wig room where each of her wigs has a special place.

Separate Fridges

When Kim showed fans her new Hidden Hills home, fans had a lot to say about the very unique design aesthetic. But many also noticed that Kim has an impressive number of refrigerators in her home.

Kim doesn’t like to have different items in the same fridge, so there are separate fridges for food, water, soft drinks, wine, beer, greens, and kids’ drinks. That sounds like a lot of fridges. It must be difficult to remember what is inside each fridge.

Designer Teddy’s

It must be pretty amazing being one of the Kardashian Jenner kids. Not only do they get to play with their own custom cars, but they also get only the best.

When Kim welcomed her third child Chicago, the lucky little girl got her very own Louis Vuitton teddy bear. We didnt even know Louis Vuitton made teddy bears!

Design Interiors

When Kim and Kanye decided to remodel their new Hidden Hills home, Kim let her bae Kanye do all the design and planning. It seems all through their marriage, the couple has been remodeling one home after the next. Hopefully, their new home will be the family’s forever home.

However, after seeing the cold, clean, almost mausoleum interior, let us hope they have one last remodel in them! When Kim showed fans the white interior,  fans couldn’t believe how empty and cold the home looked. As a family home, this may not have been the way to go. What do you think?

Kids Shoe Collections

Like many of the Kardashian ladies, baby Stormi has her very own shoe collection. Not just that, Stormi’s shoes are kept in their very own walk-in shoe closet.

With her collection featuring many designer shoes and even shoes that match her mom’s, its no wonder she needs a closet. However, with toddlers feet growing rapidly, many of her shoes don’t get much wear before they need to be replaced. We wonder what Kylie does with the shoes that no longer fit? Hopefully, she is saving them for a future sibling? Fingers crossed yall!

Jeweled Pacifier

When Kim became a mother, it’s like she had been waiting for the happy moment all her life. For each of her 4 children, this proud mama made sure to buy her new child a custom 24 karat gold and diamond-encrusted pacifier.

Each pacifier cost over $96K and weighed quite a bit. With a price tag like that, let’s hope these pacifiers were only for decoration.

Champagne Vending Machines

In the Kylie cosmetics office, employees get to enjoy their best life. Not only do they get to enjoy candy with their bosses faces on it, but they also have some of the best vending machines in the world

The vending machine dispenses min bottle of high priced champaign and rumor has it there is also a margarita dispenser of frozen yogurt machine in the kitchen.


Anyone who has watched the show will recognize Khloe’s Kustom Kookie jars. Placed on her kitchen Island, Khloe goes to great lengths to keep snacks.

Each jar is hand filled to the brim with Oreos, and other favorites, and Khloe fills them herself. Khloe started doing this when she was married to Lamar Odom, who had quite the sweet tooth.  While Khloe mentioned in passing in the latest season of the show that she may be phasing out the famous cookie jars, for now, they still take pride of place in her kitchen.

Jewelry Hairdryer

Kim loves fine jewelry and diamonds and has quite an impressive collection of jewels. However, what Kim doesn’t love is the feeling of cold jewelry on her skin.

So to solve this problem, Kim has a special hairdryer that is used only for her jewelry. Before she put it on, the jewelry is warmed with the hairdryer to make sure it is just the right temp. Talk about fancy!

Golden Toilet

While they now have only white or off white toilets in their new home, when Kim and Kanye moved into their first home together, their ensuite toilet was gold plated.

After spending time at Versaille before their wedding, Kim wanted to have her very own golden bathroom. With a toilet like that, her ensuite bathroom must have been one of the most expensive rooms in the house!


This is an item you will find in every Kardashian/ Jenner household, and it is 100% not negotiable. Momager Kris has insisted that anyone entering one of the family homes and offices is required to fill in a non-disclosure agreement that keeps them from revealing anything they see or hear to the press.

Even the guy who delivers the water for the water coolers is required to fill one out, and scary looking security guards are standing by to make sure they are filled out before entry. Sounds scary!