Tweets That Perfectly Describe What Today’s Kids Will Never Know

Tweets That Perfectly Describe What Today’s Kids Will Never Know

Ah, the good old days. 90s kids will mostly agree that growing up in the past millennia could not look more different than the current situation. Kids these days have access to a level of technology most of us would have never dreamed of, and really have no idea about the struggles and the amazing experiences 90s kids had. From game boys to having to burn our whole music playlist in a 700mb CD, here are some tweets that perfectly describe what kids these days will simply never know.

The Mysterious Minesweeper

While today we have hi-tech gaming systems and top of the line games to entertain us, back in the day kids had to look elsewhere for fun. When it came to video games, we really enjoyed the simplicity and preferably understandable games.

But it’s safe to say as much as Minesweeper was one of the most popular games, barely anyone really understood what was going on there. The objective of the game seemed to be clear, in the sense that we had to dodge the mines and bombs spread all over, but figuring them out was definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Communication Wasn’t So Easy

Nowadays, kids have dozens of platforms to communicate with their family, pals, and crushes, from miles away from each other. Today’s popular online platforms and smartphones make it incredibly easy to talk to anyone, anytime, as long as the internet connection is there.

Yet, for 90s kids, the nostalgia of these two pictures is just too real, and some of us can literally hear the sounds our computers made when a new message was received. They bring so many memories, particularly of times when communicating with our friends and sending that message to the crush in school were literally a mission.

The Tiny Pencil Struggle

The tiny colorful pencils in this picture were the absolute item to have at some point during the 90s. Like many other items such as pens, bags, and notebooks, different things would be all the rage at certain points in time.

When that happened, almost everyone in the class had many of the same things, making it pretty difficult to keep everything that was personal perfectly safe. Still, these colorful pencils were the most fun to play with, because they had come with an innovative trait. Kids were able to take off the topmost pen or pencil, which would result in pushing the stack all the way upward.

The Simplicity Of The 90s

Sadly, there are things that we can never get back, like our childhood. And we have to say, for those who grew up in the previous millennia, with access to the items we see in this picture, childhood must have been an enjoyable time. Things were much simpler back in the day, and as much as some of us just wanted to grow up, it’s impossible not to think that maybe growing up isn’t that fun.

In the fast-paced society we live in today, technology is taking over our lives, and the simplicity of playing with Rainbow Loom or recording our CDs will never be restored. It really was a simpler time back in the day

The Incredible Discman

Back in the ’90s, MP3 players and smartphones were not a thing yet, but portable CD players and the “Discman” were! These became very popular around the beginning of the 1990s when the-skip technology was finalized and introduced to the public. While Sony did release the Discman in 1984, at the time, the device was still not portable.

But as the product became increasingly popular amongst youngsters, they soon developed a portable CD player, later becoming the Walkman. It didn’t take long until other manufacturers began introducing their own versions of portable CD players, with the trend really taking off in 1997 with the heavy usage CD player by the Electronic Skip Protection.

The Trusty Landline

Before cellphones and smartphones were invented, and popular people were completely reliant on landlines. If you were a teenager, you always had to ask your parents first if you could use the phone and often you had limited time to talk because of the expense.

What’s worse is that if you were punished, your parents could take away your phone priveledges, and you would completely be cut off from the outside world. Today that is the equivalent of having your phone battery die, and we all know that can be a nightmare.

Early Computer Games

Something wonderful came with the introduction of computer demos. In the 90s, computer games were not simply downloaded or bought from the internet; they came in diskettes and floppy disks! Ah, the good old days.

With many of the early computer games and demos coming in diskettes, kids would go around sharing and swapping them with their friends. The experience would automatically be much more interactive than it is today, and seriously fun. Some people might even still have a floppy disk lost in their home somewhere.

The Nostalgic Microsoft Office Art

Microsoft Office introduced WordArt as an opportunity for kids and adults to become creative with their work.

Kids from back in the days will know how exciting it was to play with the many options that came with WordArt, especially when it was time to style a title or two in a school paper. Adding some color here and there, a shadow below the letters, a rainbow subtitle, and anything that would make the paper the coolest and most creative would be so much fun to do!

IThe Torture Of Waiting 100 Years

In the 1990s, 56 kbps modems connected via phone lines, and internet access was very limited. The speed was incredibly slow, with really low-quality songs of something like 3.5MB taking more than 10 minutes to download.

So with bigger files (that are not big today), the download time could be anything from 3 minutes to hours and hours. But the funniest part was the download of movies. Oh, the struggle was so real. A 700mb movie at low speed could take a week to download.

Ronald McDonald’s Squad

Many won’t know this today, but when Ronald McDonald the clown was introduced to the world, he didn’t come alone. The clown came with his own squad that included characters such as Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and others.

Back in the day, Ronald and the rest of his ‘crew’ were equally loved. Today though, Ronald McDonald has become the star, and barely anyone remembers that he once had a whole squad backing him up. It was the original boy band break-up.

Cassette Tapes

The cassette tape was invented in 1962 by Philips. It was first introduced the year after at the Berlin Radio Show, and in 1964 it came to the United States. At the time, the tape was able to store about 30 to 45 minutes of audio on each side, peaking in North America and European countries only around the 1980s.

Cassettes stayed popular for a while until CDs were invented in the 90s. In the early 2000s, music companies officially stopped making cassettes, but surprisingly, they are still made today and are slowly regaining popularity again.

The Painful Hit

Kids can be really mean, especially during middle and high school. So naturally, they find different ways of annoying their friends and classmates, even if that means throwing really painful folded papers.

Back in the days, getting hit by one of these was super common, and probably a reason for many school fights. Even though the item looks fairly small, only the 90s and early 2000s kids will know how being hit by one of these could be the most painful part of their day.

The Priceless Videotapes

With the era of Netflix and streaming platforms upon us, it’s easy to forget about the times when watching a movie had to be through huge cassette tapes.

Many people ended up having enormous videotape libraries at home because their design and size was simply too big and bulky. At some point, video clubs were introduced, and we could simply rent a VHS with whatever we wanted to watch. Some of these clubs had really annoying policies, though, such as the “please rewind” policy.

The OG Groupchat

When chat rooms were first introduced, they instantly gained popularity around the world. It is so nostalgic to think about the times when the popular platforms introduced them, giving youngsters plenty of options.

Back then, people were given the opportunity to taste what it was like to communicate with people online. At the time, there were options for private chat rooms with people who we knew, and there were also websites and places for those who wanted to speak to different people from around the world.

The Introduction Of Video Rental

Kids nowadays will never know the feeling of going physically to a store in order to choose a movie for the day. When this popular video rental company was founded in 1985 by David Cook, the video-rental business quickly became successful.

After opening its first store in 1985, many more stores opened non-stop in the following years. It began expanding internationally throughout the 90s, becoming the most popular video store in the world. Eventually, though, the popular video rental company filed for bankruptcy in 2010, due to abysmal leadership and increasing competition.

The Struggle Of Cleaning Your Mouse

When computer mice were first introduced, they came with small rubber balls that would determine the position of the mouse pointer. While today most mouses don’t have a ball anymore, back in the days, we had to clean them every other week. Otherwise, they would get so clogged and dirty that eventually, they would stop working.

This process would have to be repeated frequently, and even though it could be a pain, there was always something very satisfying about having a clean and workable mouse.

The Struggle Of A Familiar Name

Two things are simply hilarious in this tweet. The first one, the obvious one, is the fact that kids these days will never know how it felt to see a familiar name in “the book.”

While some teachers and librarians claimed in the comments that in some schools, kids still have to write their names in the book, most don’t. Secondly, there is a funny reference to Michael Jackson in the picture, where the joke of it being issued black and returned white is just too much for our souls to bare!

The Constant Struggle Of Folding Socks

Unfortunately, short socks didn’t always exist, and some of us had to use our creativity to make them work. Who doesn’t remember folding their socks in a variety of ways to make them more wearable and fashionable?

Luckily for kids these days, though, there are all sorts of socks options, including the popular “invisible socks”. While these were introduced pretty early, they took their time to become popular, and so people made it work with whatever they had.

The Neck Pain

Again, the array of options that kids have these days with online games is never-ending. But in the 90s, this didn’t exist. Kids had to play the games they had at home and the ones their parents allowed them to buy.

But when they really wanted to play a game without having it, the best next solution would be to head to the game store and play on the large TVs near the ceiling. The neck pain that would result from looking at the ceiling for hours was real, though.

Finding The Song You Really Wanted

When iPods were first introduced, the CTRL+F+style option was simply not available. For those of us who had thousands of songs in the playlist, it was a serious hustle to find a song we wanted.

While that wasn’t that much of a big deal back then, with music streaming today, just the thought of spending ten minutes searching for one song sounds mind-blowing. While technology does have tons of downsides, the option to easily find the song we want is certainly one of the most positive ones.

Fitting All Of Your Favorite Songs

Access to our favorite songs has increased so much over the years, making our lives much happier and easier. But in the 90s, the beauty of sitting for an hour carefully choosing our favorite songs so they could fit in a 700MB CD is simply undeniable.

It was widespread for kids to have a whole folder with different genres and artists so that they could listen to their favorite songs on their portable CD players or in the car on a road trip.

The Incredible Gameboy

The Game Boy was released for the very first time in 1989 by Nintendo. The GameBoy Advance SP, in specific, was one of the coolest ever released by Nintendo since it had the feature of flipping it like we would do with phones once upon a time.

The device also made playing with it while lying down much easier, since users could tilt the screen a bit back. Still, this didn’t come with no downsides. A common trait of these GameBoys was that they would often have a very scratched back.

The First Netflix

Many millennials have no idea that before Netflix became the empire that it is today, it was once a DVD-by-mail company in the US. Since 1988, the red Netflix envelope has been arriving in mailboxes all over the US, and it still has a whopping 2.7 million subscribers.

CNN has recently covered a story on the phenomenon, claiming that the company has made $212 million profit only in the last year. Netflix has undoubtedly become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world.