Things You Never Want To Find In Your Parents’ Homes

Things You Never Want To Find In Your Parents’ Homes

When you grow up at your parents’ house, you don’t fully appreciate all of the knick-knacks that you can find within those walls. You get used to seeing them every day, and they become a normal part of your life. Or your parents could start a collection once you move out and every time you go home for a visit, you discover more and more new things. For anyone that likes to collect weird things or look for antiques, your parents’ basement or attic can be veritable treasure troves of weird stuff just waiting to be unearthed. Some of these items are so strange, and you may not even know why your parents bought them. Keep scrolling to see some of the oddest objects people have found in their parents’ homes.

A Christmas Carol

As soon as the holiday season rolls around, parents around the world begin to take out their ornaments and decorations to make sure that their houses are decorated to perfection.

This daughter found herself at home for the holiday season, and while looking for ornaments to decorate the tree with, she came upon these life-size Christmas carol mannequins. These are definitely not something we would want to put in front of our houses since they are rather creepy.

The Skeleton In The Closet

Every family has a few skeletons in their closets, although this family has a literal skeleton in one of theirs. This person, who found themselves going through their family’s closets, came upon what must be a skeleton that had been to a few very vibrant parties.

It looks like it was part of some kind of art project that went very wrong. It is almost unrecognizable as a skeleton, the owl in the eye, rainbow-painted bones, and other random bits and pieces have camouflaged it very well. This is definitely not something you would want to come upon in a dark room.

Happy Feet

A lot of people have collections of certain things, like stamps or musical instruments. For this parent, they decided that they had a particular type of mug that they wanted to collect. The most important part of each mug was the feet.


That’s right; each mug needed to have unique feet like dog slippers or ballet slippers. We’re not sure why these mugs were so popular for this person, but they are definitely one of those odd collector’s items that really only appeal to a niche crowd. What that niche crowd is are people who love feet.

The Thanksgiving Giraffe

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that brings the entire family together. Everyone comes from every corner of the country for the long weekend. The highlight of the weekend is the turkey and all of the delicious food.

However, a giraffe is not usually a part of the Thanksgiving weekend festivities. This hybrid giraffe-man is definitely one of the stranger centerpieces we have seen. This item must have been homemade or picked up at a garage sale because a Thanksgiving giraffe has yet to become mainstream. Maybe next year, everyone will have one of these on their tables, or maybe not.

Snakeskin Sculptures

Art can be made from a lot of different mediums. Some of the most common are clay, wax, and stone when it comes to statues and other wall art pieces. This person decided to craft something truly unique, and out of a medium that most people have never seen before.

This papier-mache wall mask has hair made entirely of snakeskins. How this person managed to collect enough snakeskins to make a full head of hair must be a story in itself. This is the kind of art that gets people talking and simply asking, “Why?” We’re not sure this is the kind of art we would want to spend money on.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Clowns

The movie It, which features a terrifying clown by the name of Pennywise, definitely had watchers glued to the edge of their seats in horror. Throughout the decades, clowns have often featured as the terrifying stars of many movies and books.


This stepdad decided that clowns are actually cute and cuddly, and began to collect clown figurines. The result of this is a rather large collection of clowns, which are all equally creepy and guaranteed to give children and adults nightmares.

Baby Santa

Christmas ornaments tend to be adorable, or incredibly creepy and weird. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between when it comes to ornaments, and Santa figurines tend to be the creepiest.


This Santa seemed totally normal until you look down at his feet. They are definitely not proportional to his life-size body. He has baby-sized feet, and to make it even weirder, he comes with his very own foot bath.

A Bit Soapy

For anyone that lives on the east coast of the United States, seeing a lobster trap in your house may not be that weird. The reason this one is a tad unusual is because of what is inside of the lobster trap.


This mom wanted to make sure everyone knew that everyone knew this was a lobster trap by putting a soap lobster inside. The only problem is that this lobster soap looks more like some old hot dogs than a lobster.

The Dog Lover

Lots of people love dogs. They are adorable, you can take them almost anywhere, and they are incredibly loyal. This parent decided that they needed to showcase their love of a specific breed.

Bulldogs always tend to look a bit on the grumpy side, and each of these bulldog figurines has the same grumpy little face. It is pretty impressive that they managed to amass such a collection, and whoever inherits these better be a bulldog lover too.

Healing Hands

The Liberty Bell, which is found in Philadelphia in the United States, is one of the most iconic symbols of Americana for Americans and tourists to see when they visit. The Liberty Bell is known for its giant crack, which can still be seen to this day.


What is odd is that an artist decided to paint an image in which Jesus Christ is fixing the gash in the bell. This definitely never happened, and we’re just confused about why this was painted, and the fact this mom thought she should purchase it.

The King

We all have singers that we are obsessed with. Some of them are still living, and some have passed on but have left their music behind, which they continue to live through. Elvis Presley is one of those musicians who never stopped being popular.


This person’s uncle loved him so much that he decided a life-size bust of his face and shoulders was what he needed in his home. The only reason we even know this is Elvis is because of the name tag around his neck. The face is oddly devoid of Elvis like features.


Taxidermy is one of those things that can be done really well or really poorly. Hunters like to get the heads of animals they have caught preserved as trophies, but farmers tend not to do this with beloved livestock.

This dad, who is also a farmer, decided that he wanted to immortalize the two-headed calf that one of his prize cows gave birth to. The taxidermied head is one of the most horrifying objects that you could possibly find in your family home.

Yellow Submarine

This has to be the least creepy piece of art on this list. If anything, this is a collector’s item and is probably worth a fair amount of money. It features the band The Beatles during their Yellow Submarine phase.


For the music lovers out there, this would be a great piece to hang in your living room and remember one of the most original albums ever created by these British icons. We like that John Lennon is even making his classic hand gestures.

Monkey See

Stuffed animals are something most of us grew up with. We all had that one special one that we had to sleep with each night.

These treasured toys provided a sense of security like the Peanuts gang character Linus and his blanket in Charlie Brown. This mom thought that a very creepy monkey stuffed animal was something her child needed. Even after they stopped sleeping with it, she held onto it, and it continues to haunt this house.

The Valley Of The Dolls

A lot of people collect dolls. American Girl dolls, Barbie dolls, and porcelain dolls are some of the most common ones to collect. However, this mom decided that she would only collect porcelain doll heads and not their bodies.


These disembodied dolls’ heads look like something straight out of a horror movie. If you had to sleep in the room with these doll heads every time you came home for the holidays, you would probably think they are watching you.

Always Watching

The bathroom is one of the rooms in everyone’s house where a theme may or may not exist. This mom decided to go for the tropical theme, and if there is one animal that is associated with the tropics, it is monkeys.


The toilet paper holder is a squatting monkey that watches whoever is using the toilet while they do their business. This is one of those bathroom accessories that definitely needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Everyone deserves a bit of privacy.

Never Forget

Some houses are quite religious and follow a strict schedule when it comes to praying. Any guests in this home were reminded that they definitely need to pray while they stay there.


The guest bathroom even has a message to remind any guests in case they forgot. It will be impossible for any visitors to forget to pray, with the huge decal on the mirror, which says, “Did you think to pray?” placed along the bottom of it.

Feeling Folksy

Folk art is very unique. It comes from all over the globe, and specific artistic styles that shine through depending on the country.


Staring at this piece of folk art, which has been on the kitchen counter of this person’s home since childhood, has always puzzled them. Is it a meeting of demons, or is it just a meeting of animals? It remains unclear to this day what it is, but for whatever reason, it is a prized possession in their family home.

Here’s Johnny

During Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean days, it was undeniable that he was one of the ‘It’ actors of the time.


In recent years, his star power has definitely lessened, but for this grandma, her obsession with Depp never faded away. She loved him so much that she decided to make a shower curtain dedicated to him, with black and white print outs of all of her favorite Depp movie scenes.

A Beloved Sculpture

Sometimes sculptures will look like certain pieces of anatomy that aren’t always evident upon first glance. This dad found a geode sculpture while he was at a flea market, and he knew that he had to bring it home.


The sculpture spoke to him in a way that only art can. His son knew that the sculpture was not loved by the rest of the family and decided to suggest that it be willed to his sibling, who he knew hated it. This will be a fun surprise for him when the will is read.

Wine O’Clock

Bathrooms are great spots to do some serious thinking. This dad spent a lot of his time in the bathroom, and he decided that he needed to include his other favorite activity with his first one.


The wine rack that was installed in this bathroom is definitely a first. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine and some time in the bathroom after a hard day at work? We think this might actually be genius, rather than strange.

Cousin To It

Clowns are one of those things that people either love or hate. Most people tend to fall into the latter character, as clowns tend to be more sinister than friendly in most television series and movies.


This dad was so afraid of a clown puzzle that he left it hanging on the wall in his home for more than 20 years. It’s definitely possible if the clown picture is taken down, the clown might jump out and start haunting the family, right?

Barbie Girl

Barbie from Mattel is one of those dolls that has truly changed throughout the decades. In the 1960s, she had the winged eyeliner of the time, and now she is a modern woman with various professions.

This mom loved Barbie so much that she decided to create this exceptional Barbie chandelier. This looks like something that might be used to summon a Barbie type spirit, and while it is creative, it definitely looks like some kind of weird memorial or shrine to Barbie.