Hilarious Times Weddings Didn’t Go According To Plan

Hilarious Times Weddings Didn’t Go According To Plan

Weddings are supposed to be one of the best days of the newly wedded couples’ lives. Everything has been planned to perfection, or it should have been. Most weddings go off without any issues, but sometimes things go awry. These can simply be candid pictures of funny moments or full-on disasters like wedding cakes being pushed off of tables. Keep scrolling to see some of the funniest pictures of weddings not going according to plan, and some brides and grooms who were less than glowing on their wedding days. These are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Hold On Tight

We know, you can’t help but laugh right? But oh, this poor Bride. Most of the time the photos are taken before the wedding so we just hope that wasn’t the case at this wedding.


Posing for a group photo out of the water, the bridge all of a sudden collapsed, taking the whole bridal party into the water, ruining their dresses.

Show Off

Some people just can’t help themselves when they are in social situations and they always want to take on the joker role, ensuring that they are the ones providing all the laughs.


Well, that’s exactly what happened here although it didn’t go to plan! Wanting to pull a prank and do a donut in the back of this wedding photo, the best man almost ended up underneath this jeep.

That One

Everyone knows that weddings are a really good excuse to have “a good knees up”, especially since the majority of the time there is a free bar there! But it is always guaranteed that there will be one person that takes it too far.

When one guest went to the bathroom he came across this sight. Another guest had gotten so drunk that her night ended with her head in a bucket having to be carried to bed by her husband.

“Come here”

Having an adult only wedding is on the rise and this photo probably explains why. We all know how hard it can be to keep kids out of the way in these types of circumstances cause let’s be honest, they don’t know what is going on and they don’t care.

Keeping them occupied with play is great, but here, this boy managed to run right in front of the bride and groom during their vows, ruining their wedding video and some of their photos! Oops!

Not The Dress

Bridemaids get to have all the fun at the wedding. They get to enjoy a day of being pampered, getting their hair and make-up done, putting on a gorgeous dress and then they get to see their best friend get married.


Fun eh? Well this bridesmaid was finding the day a bit too full-on and by the time dinner came along, she couldn’t help but guzzle a bottle of red wine. Spilling it all over her and destroying her dress.

Not Right There Freddy!

When there is a dog in our life, they really are family and when it’s just you two and them, they practically become your child. For this reason, many want their four-legged friends to be involved in their wedding.

When posing for pictures with their dog, this couple even added a flower collar round his neck. Little did they know, the dog had a whole other idea.

Born Free

Wedding photos are one of the most important parts of the wedding day festivities. They help the bride and groom, along with their loved ones, to remember all of the important moments from the day.

This bride and groom told their photographer that they loved horses, and the photographer decided to present them with a rather uniquely photoshopped image. The bride and groom can now remember that time they got married as centaurs.

Best Friends Forever

One of the most enjoyable parts of a wedding is being able to see all of your friends and family on your big day. With friends and family living far away, you may not be able to see your friends as much as you like. So when the wedding rolls around, it’s a great chance to catch up.

The bride was very excited to have her closest friend in her wedding party until the friend decided to photobomb a gorgeous photo of her and her new husband. While this might not have been funny at the time, we bet as the couple looks back on their wedding day, they will remember this moment very fondly.

Just Passing Through

Photobombs are intentional, but this poor guy was really in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just going for a cycle around the city when he found himself cycling right in front of a wedding party trying to get that perfect photo.

His face says it all, and he knows that he has just cycled into a photo. He is now an unintentional member of the wedding party. The bride and groom seemed like they were in good spirits when it happened, and it’s clear that there are no hard feelings. We know they got a good shot as soon as this interloper cycled out of the frame.

Just Friends

Weddings tend to involve a lot of alcohol, which can lead to lowered inhibitions. This bride thought that she had married the love of her life, only to realize that there might be something she didn’t know about her new husband.

Judging by this photo, her husband may have been in love with his best man the whole time. Talking his way out of the situation must have been a little tricky. Divorce might just be in the air for this not so happy couple. At least the bride found out right away, and not in a decade.

Party On

All the dancing and drinks can really catch up with some of the members of the wedding party. The groomsmen are expected to make multiple toasts and speeches about the happy couple.

To top it off, they then have to dance the night away with the bridesmaids and other guests at the wedding. This groomsman found himself dancing and sitting down on the dancefloor. All of the champagne went straight to his head, and he needed to take it easy for the rest of the night. Hopefully, he learned his limit and how to drink within it for any future weddings he attended.

Never Let You Go

At first glance, this wedding picture is of the bride and groom on a scenic dock. The groom is trying to keep the bride from falling over and tumbling into the ocean.

Off to the side, though, there is a rather rotund man in a speedo grinning at the scene. We think that the pictures that were taken after this little misstep were probably the keeper. This is a good memento of an almost disastrous moment, though.

Look, No Legs

A lot of brides and grooms like to get funny pictures. One of the best poses for this is when both the bride and the groom jump up into the air.

If the right moment is captured, then both the bride and the groom can appear to be levitating. This bride and groom definitely achieved that in their photo, but the bride’s legs are completely hidden by her dress, which makes it look like she is now the legless bride.

Nap Time

The wedding reception is the time for everyone to let loose and for the bride and groom to party with all of their guests in attendance.

This groom ended up going a little bit too hard before it was time for dinner. He had so much to drink that he ended up falling asleep on his new bride’s shoulder before the speeches were even halfway through.

Save The Cake

In most cultures, a wedding cake is one of those important accessories or foods that every wedding reception needs. Many brides and grooms spend days selecting the style, flavor, and the size of their wedding cake.

This fancy cake looks like a lot of time was spent on it. Unfortunately, as the bride and groom went to cut it together, the entire white tiered cake extravaganza went toppling to the floor. We just hope they managed to get photos before this moment occurred.

Guns Out

Most brides will work on getting in shape for their big days, and in this instance, the groom and all of his groomsmen decided to work out as well. They were so proud of their arms that they decided they needed to be able to show them off in all of the pictures.

That was how this wedding party ended up with armless tuxedos. We don’t think this is the classiest of looks, but the bride doesn’t seem to mind, and that is all that matters.

Who’s Who?

There have been plenty of funny movies that have portrayed the relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law as anything but perfect, but does it really happen in real life? Well in this case, it certainly does.


When this couple tied the knot, they were in disbelief when the groom’s mum suggested she wear a wedding dress as well. Thinking they had diffused the situation, the couldn’t believe it when she showed up in her very own wedding dress.

Down They Go?

One of the most traditional ways to carry a bride is for the groom to scoop her up, as she sits over both of his hands. A tradition that goes all the way back to Roman times, there are still some couples that like to do it but this couple went on to regret it.


Wanting to be romantic, the groom picked up his wife, only for the pair to fall flat on their faces right in front of the photographer. Luckily, they saw the funny side of it.

Are you crazy?

It seems as though the theme of a troubled relationship between a mother and her daughter-in-law is rather common. In this instance, the bride had no previous idea and it was when she walked into the hall to say hello to family, that she realized her future husband’s mom was wearing a wedding dress as well.


We actually have no idea what she was thinking and we’re sure this started married life off rather rocky for the in-laws. We’re wonder if the bride’s clenched fist means anything at all?!

Be Careful With The…

Everyone knows one of the most delicate things about a bride’s outfit on her wedding day is the veil. A thin piece of material dripped over the head in an elegant fashion. When it comes to the style of veils that flow behind the bride, everyone attending the wedding needs to be extra careful.


Unfortunately for this bride, it was actually her own dad that stepped on her veil, forcing her head backward in front of a shocked crowd.


Tag This

Traditionally, wedding dresses tend to be white, unless it is a culture that uses another color like red in India. This couple decided to go with the traditional white clothing associated with North America, but with a unique twist.

Instead of having an all-white ensemble, the bride, groom, and wedding party all had one of a kind blue graffiti sprayed onto their attire. This is another very unique wedding theme, but at least it is a fairly affordable one.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Cakes are one of those things that really need to be watched during wedding receptions. Little kids like to swipe a quick taste of icing, and other people like to try and pose with the cake, which can lead to some mishaps.

This woman thought she was doing everyone a favor by carrying the cake on a fancy metal tray to the bride and groom. Unfortunately, she found herself slipping, and the entire cake went tumbling down with her.

A Tad Windy

Choosing the right season for your wedding can depend on a lot of factors. It really depends on whether you want warm weather or cold weather. This bride decided she wanted a fall wedding, which should have meant lots of brightly colored fall leaves.

Instead, she found herself in the middle of a windstorm, which made getting wedding photos outside almost impossible. Hopefully, she didn’t blow away. She definitely does not appear to be having the best day of her life.

Friends First

Russian weddings are unique in that pretty much anything can happen at them. Most of the members of this wedding party knew that they were posing for a photograph.

Only the bride and her maid of honor did not seem to realize that they were having their photo taken. A photo is worth a thousand words, and we think this one might just be revealing the bride’s true feelings for her maid of honor.

Same Same, But Different

A lot of brides are very concerned about having uniform wedding pictures. They want all of their bridesmaids to wear identical dresses, have the same hairstyles, shoes, and in some cases, even be around the same height.

This bride decided she didn’t care about all of these things. She had a friend who was significantly taller than the entire wedding party. We have to admit it does look pretty strange in the picture, but we’re happy she decided to have everyone important to her in her wedding party.

The Winner

A lot of outdoor sites that are popular for wedding pictures are also popular with sports enthusiasts. Promenades with sea backdrops are a great place for wedding photos.

They allow the wedding party to have rolling waves behind them, and pristine beaches. However, beaches also mean runners, and this shirtless runner definitely did not plan to run into the frame of this wedding photo. The whole wedding party decided to cheer him on though, which was very kind of them.

Let’s Get It On

Pets are like family members. A lot of brides and grooms decide to include their dogs as ring bearers during the wedding ceremony. This bride decided she wanted her two pugs to be in her wedding photos.

Everyone looks beautiful in the picture. The only problem is that the dogs have decided to start the wedding night a bit early. It seems like some puppies might come out of this wedding, and there is photographic evidence to show the vet.

Excuse the Wildlife

When this happy couple decided to have their wedding at the city zoo, they figured it would be quite refreshing to get married with all the animals. What they didnt count on was this uninvited guest showing up to ruin the pictures.

You see the zookeeper had agreed to keep the grizzly’s out of the enclosure during the ceremony. but when the ceremony ran long the bears were released. BY the look on the bear’s face he doesn’t seem to appreciate the festivities.

Budget Meal

This is exactly what happens when you skimp on the food budget and hire a family member to do the catering. This poor bride was mortified when her brother-in-law and his wife served this one her big day.

The menu included frozen Yorkshire pudding, baked beans, fries and pizza with cold tuna on top. The guests were as mortified as the bride and people quickly started leaving. When the reception ended the bride was approached by her new brother-in-law you presented her with a check four times what he had quoted.


A lot of people have special skills, and this man decided to show his off. He wasn’t a member of the wedding party or even a guest from the looks of things.

That did not stop him from jumping as high as he could, and essentially flying through the sky in front of this wedding party. The bridesmaids do seem rather impressed by what he was able to accomplish. Maybe he was a wedding crasher, and this was his way of getting into the wedding reception.

Rock On

It seems like people cannot help themselves from photobombing wedding photos. Once more, a bride and groom were trying to take a nice photo together when some enterprising wedding guests decided to sneak into the photo.

We think that this newly married couple might be fans of heavy metal judging by the faces and the rock on hand gestures that their guests are making in the background. The band at this wedding must have played some real headbangers.

Drinks Up

The moment the bride and groom enter the wedding reception is the moment they are announced to all of their guests as Mr. and Mrs. This is a huge moment, and most of the guests will stand up to toast the newly married couple.

One guest in the photo was very excited to toast the new couple. As they enthusiastically raised their glass of beer, the beer splashed all over the bride and her pure white dress. We hope she laughed this off.

Time To Go Swimming

This bride and groom tried to stare romantically at each other for this photo. Sadly, just as the bride was about to gaze up at her husband, a man getting ready to go swimming was caught in the background.

He looks rather startled to have been caught walking out onto the rocks as this couple in the wedding finery is trying to get some nice photos. It’s almost like a sasquatch walking out of the woods.


The 1970s were a decade characterized by loud patterns. This bride looks like she decided to use the fabric from curtains to make her wedding party’s dresses.

The matching hats in the exact shade of orange of the dresses must have been pretty hard to come by. We’re not sure if this is the bridal aesthetic most brides would want to attempt now, but for that time, this was probably the height of fashion.

Fly Free

One wedding tradition that some brides and grooms like to do is to release white doves as a symbol of peace and love. This bride and groom released their doves, but judging by the man’s face next to them, they may not have been supposed to.

He seems horrified by the fact they are releasing doves, which is a bit strange. Maybe he is very concerned with animal welfare, which is nice to see. However, releasing doves into the wild seems kind to us?