This customer wanted a custom desk in a week but the carpenter soon taught him a lesson

A true craftsman

Working self-employed as a tradesman relies heavily on the income of clients. Having a big influx of customer orders can be great for the wallet, but there’s only so much one single man can complete.

A private carpenter named Abs Del Fuego is a tradesman that knows all too well about the pressures and deadlines of custom-built inquiries. He is a well-established carpenter, with fantastic woodwork skills that mean he is a very successful man in the work that he does.

However, one day while hard at work, he received a text from an incoming client requesting a custom-built desk to be completed much sooner than Abs could do. With a busy week and a tight schedule, Abs responded in the politest way possible, explaining this simply wasn’t possible.

The conversation that then continued turned into a whole fiasco showing just how ignorant and rude customers can sometimes be. This certain client proves that customers certainly aren’t always right. Abs deserves an award for keeping so professional… Just about!

A true craftsman

An excellent worker in his carpentry craft, Abs specializes in building custom-built arcade games and other gaming furniture. He’s undoubtedly exceeding in his trade, putting in massive effort with every order that comes in and using the time carefully to make sure every build is perfect.

Doing what he does takes a lot of time and energy, and most customers appreciate the hard work that comes with his type of carpentry. Now and again you will get the odd client that becomes way too demanding, but Abs was always fully prepared for when this might happen.

A new client

However, there was one client that was about to take unnecessary demands to the next level. One day, Abs was working away in his workshop when he received a text from a new client. The text was an innocent inquiry into a custom-built gaming desk that he wanted to be built.

He was very specific with his requirements, wanting the height to be 700mm, it to have a slanting keyboard space, and there to be enough room for three 24 inch monitors. Luckily for the customer, Abs already had a template drawn out for the exact specifications. Abs estimated that the desk would take two weeks to complete – a very reasonable time frame for a man already busy with an influx of requests.

Demanding the impossible

This completion date would satisfy any fair person who understands the effort that goes into such a trade as Abs, but this customer had another idea. Wanting the desk to be completed way sooner than 2 weeks, the client asked if there was any chance that he could get the desk in less time.

With Abs’ plate already very full, he apologized and explained that a two week completion date was the only option. The customer then continued to pressure Abs, name-dropping a contractor named Mark who had referred him. Abs was baffled at how presumptuous he was being, but still insisted that two weeks was the best he could do.

A fighting chance

The client then threatened him, notifying him that if he didn’t accept his request, then he will complain to Mark about his service. The contractor Mark was an important part of Abs’ success, and the client knew if he ended business with him, his income would suffer. The client was viciously manipulative. Still, nonetheless, Abs stuck to his word and refused. Neither of the two was backing down, with the client insisting that he was not joking.

Getting even more frustrated, Abs told him to wait a minute as he was about to ring Mark and find out what was going on. He needed some answers as to why he was being so demanding. Abs had never had such a blatantly rude customer.

Playing the game

Having rung Mark, Abs decided he was going to play a game with him. He already had enough clients he didn’t need one more, especially one who was being so disrespectful to him. Instead, Abs decided he was going to use a bit of humor to make light of the situation. Seen as he was being so “nice”, Abs tried to trick him into thinking he might be able to do him a deal.

The customer was becoming increasingly infuriated, demanding to know how long it may or may not take him. Knowing that passive aggressiveness was the way forward, Abs’ replies were deliberately vague to continue winding the customer up. Abs was ready to give up even continuing the conversation, what was the point?

The customer is not always right

Much to Abs’ surprise, Preet, the father of the rude client had actually contacted Mark, wanting an explanation as to why Abs was being so dismissive to his son. Taking his side, Mark kindly explained that it was actually the other way around, and that his son was making unnecessary demands in a discourteous way.

Mark then asked Abs to forward the chat onto him so that there was proof this was indeed the truth. This was certainly getting blown up to silly proportions. Abs couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

A wealthy customer

Knowing how much of an important client Preet was to his business, Mark asked Abs if there was any chance he could do him a little favor and see if the table could be made in time. Preet was a loyal and more importantly wealthy client, so if there were any exceptions to be made, it would be for Preet.

Mark explained how Preet apologized for his son’s behavior, but this was simply not enough for Abs. Even if the completion of the desk was possible, there was no way he would accept the request now!

Simply not enough time

Abs messaged Mark back explaining that the favor was not possible to accept. Even if he wanted to, the materials that needed to be ordered in would not arrive in time. He also had a whole host of other important deadlines that had a priority. Plus, he would need to work 24/7 to get it done in time, and no amount of money from a rude customer was going to interfere with his well-needed rest.

Abs put his foot down. Thankfully Mark was loyal and fully understood that the request could not be completed. That’s the end of that Abs thought to himself…

One last try

As Abs continued on with his work. He was totally puzzled by how rude a person could be, but he put it to the back of his mind and got back to work. However, the rude client wasn’t quite finished. He texts Abs once again apologizing and asking if he could accommodate his request.

One last try

Confused as to why he did not understand the impossibility of the task, Abs simply replied: “Sorry champ, I really can’t.” Surely now he would finally grasp the message?

A worthy explanation

Not wanting to leave it there, Abs felt an explanation was needed just to stop his messages. He explained how he already has two jobs on the go – both of which the clients have already paid and are expecting it to be completed by the deadline.

He also noted that the shipping dates would take at least three days too. It simply wasn’t feasible! Abs wouldn’t make promises he couldn’t keep as that wouldn’t be fair on anyone involved.

Birthday compromises

Not listening to what Abs had said, the client then replied urging him to accept the request because it was his birthday. He was begging Abs to give him some sort of birthday privilege. Surely he knew that begging was not going to work.

Getting to the end of his tether, Abs explained one more time that it really wasn’t possible – he ended the text with “Enough man.” Abs was getting more and more angry at the pestering. Why would he not give it a rest?


This was when the client took it to the next level. He was about the play the ‘father card’. He wrote: “I’m sure you know who my father is?” Shocked and embarrassed by the texts he was receiving, Abs decided more humor was the only he might get somewhere.


So he replied sarcastically saying he couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been growing up not knowing your father. A brilliant response! The customer didn’t quite get the humor, pestering and pressuring him further, unaware at how much of a fool he was making of himself. He was not going to give up any time soon!

A done deal

It turns out that Preet’s son is just 19, and it seems he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of the word no yet. However, there was one statement that was about to be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back. Still pressuring Abs, the client said about how his dad gives him work, and if he accepted, then he will provide him with so much more.

A done deal

Not having any of it, Abs replied: “You didn’t just go there.” He ended the conversation by explaining that he’s the one that gives his dad work. “We’re done!” he said.

Time for this to stop

Abs thought about blocking the number, but he was weirdly fascinated and entertained by the extreme behavior he was witnessing. It was relentless. After realizing that he definitely wasn’t going to get his table in time for his birthday, the client then resulted in calling him a series of inappropriate names, to say the least.

The last response from Abs was telling him that he’s going to show these texts to his dad. Finally, the bombardment of messages stopped. Hooray!

Taking to the internet

Wanting to share his ordeal, Abs took to social media to show how ridiculously demanding some clients could be. After posting the messages, Abs’ story went viral, with hundreds of people expressing how outraged they are at the client’s deluded sense of entitlement.

They also praised Abs’ professional response to the situation, applauding his decision not just to drop everything to meet the “stupid demands of a teen.” Abs was getting the responses and support he wanted!

Unruly customers

The story went viral, and Abs has since spoken out about the customer. He explained that he’s not the first difficult customer, and he certainly won’t be the last. In fact, he said receives around 20 inquiries each day, and a lot of these will be unreasonable requests met with rude responses after they are denied.

Unruly customers

Abs has revealed the best way to deal with them is to be polite but ruthless. Abs certainly has a lot of patience!

Officework supplies

What Abs found so funny about the interaction was that the son eventually told him that he was going to shop at Officeworks if he didn’t accept the request. Abs, of course, was more than happy for the client to end up in Officeworks.

It saved him the hassle! If that was what the client planned to do in the first place, he should have just headed there first, instead of pestering Abs and wasting everyone’s time that was involved.

A worthy business

Despite receiving ‘threats’ from the unruly customer, of course, Abs’ business is still thriving. He continues to be hugely successful in his craft, and the customer inquiries keep on rolling in! Rude customers like Preet’s son mean nothing to him – he has too many requests coming in for threats like that to matter.

If anything, Abs finds rude customers rather amusing – he often laughs off the dramatic outbursts and temper tantrums they have.

A side-trade

Abs’ craftsmanship is truly one of a kind. He is trained as an engineer, but he specializes in arcade game machines because he genuinely loves building them. He has his own small workshop where he practices his skills – it’s his little happy place where he can escape and keep busy.

A side-trade

Abs mostly designs these custom game machines for the disabled, and he loves making people happy through the work he creates. He wasn’t going to let one person bring him down, that’s for sure!

Unreasonable stupidity

Reflecting on the rudeness of Preet’s son, the demands really were ridiculous. If it was so crucial for the game machine to have arrived in time, he should have ensured that he ordered it in time. A request should have been made way before he did. Two weeks is already a very respectable time frame, so an earlier request would have worked even better.

The high expectations from Preet’s son were utterly unreasonable. Perhaps now he has learned a valuable lesson in etiquette and compromise.

Another way about it

Abs’ story proves that customers are certainly not always right, as the saying goes. And, more importantly, customers who are often very rude deserve to be taught a lesson.

We can only wonder whether Abs may have been able to move his schedule about a bit if Preet’s son had approached him about the inquiry with a bit more respect, understanding, and fairness. Kindness goes a very long way, especially when you want someone to do you a favor!