Celebrity bridesmaids that totally stole the show at these weddings

Celebrity bridesmaids that totally stole the show at these weddings

Weddings are a magical time for most brides, they get to wear the dress of their dreams and spend the rest of their lives with their partner of choice. One thing that also makes the lead up to the big day and the day itself a ton of fun are the people you surround yourself with. As a bride, these are your trusty bridesmaids who have been with you through thick and thin and are ready to make sure that your big day is all you have ever dreamed of. However, as a celebrity, as much as you may want to blend into the background this can be difficult even if you’re just a bridesmaid. These celebrity bridesmaids tried to not be the focus at these weddings but it was pretty hard for them not to be.

Taylor Swift And Britany Maack

Taylor Swift is arguably one of the most recognizable faces in the music industry from her humble country roots and now well into her pop days. She was thrilled when her long-time friend, Britany Maack asked her to be the maid of honor in her wedding party.

She helped Britany to plan the wedding and even helped with one of the most important aspects: choosing the wedding dress. The two looked stunning when the big day rolled around in 2016 both sporting Reem Acra looks.

Kayleen And Rachel McAdams

If you look at this picture it might be a little bit hard to spot which McAdams sister is the famous one as they are both so similar. Rachel is the one in blue and you can tell by the big grin on her face that she is beyond happy to be witnessing her little sister tie the knot.

The wedding itself was held in Canada where both McAdams girls are from and she did not go for an over the top diva look. Instead, she wore a simple blue dress and let the spotlight shine on her sister Kayleen, exactly where it should be.

Blaine And Jennifer Lawrence

Academy award-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence has been known to be a bit of a goofball which can tend to steal the show from anyone around her. On her brother’s wedding day she definitely toned it back and let Blaine and his bride, Carson be the ones to bask in everyone’s attention.

With Jennifer now about to get married there has been a lot of speculation on what her wedding will look like and if her brother will also play a part in the wedding party the way she did in his. We’ll all just have to wait and see for that.

Eva Longoria

The former star of the hit show, Desperate Housewives looked nothing if not spectacular when she stood up as a bridesmaid for a close friend. She did not pull any diva-like stunts and demand to have some extra attention.

Instead, she donned a matching dress with the other bridesmaids and put her wedding day game face on. As you can see, she was ready for anything and was going to make sure that this wedding went off without a hitch. By all accounts it did, and we’re sure that Eva was instrumental in this. Just look at how serious she was.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always been known to be an amazing performer and it would appear that even as a bridesmaid she takes this duty quite seriously. The friend who got married in New Orleans asked that the bridesmaids either wear plum or lilac with the neckline being something they could select themselves.

Gaga did not go over the top the way she could have and instead looked very demure with a giant bow halter neck. Even her hair was simple with it hanging straight down her back. Simply put, she did everything to make sure that the attention was focused on her friend and not her. There’s not even any glitter around her eyes!

Cara And Poppy Delevingne

It is pretty well known that it is considered a fashion faux pas to wear white at a wedding. Only the bride is supposed to be decked out in all-white apparel but Cara decided to forego this fashion rule for her sister, Poppy’s big day.

Poppy did not seem to care that Cara also wore a long white gown and it could be because she had asked her to although this was neither confirmed nor denied. In any case, everyone looks like they are having a great time and there is no bad blood between these model sisters.

Keira And Caleb Knightley

Back in 2011, Caleb Knightley decided to tie the knot with Kerry Nixon in Scotland. Keira was asked to be a bridesmaid for her now sister-in-law which she eagerly accepted. Kerry, who is a designer by trade wanted a vintage 50s vibe, so she dressed both of her bridesmaids in these classic purple dresses.

All eyes are definitely drawn to the bride with Keira looking lovely as a bridesmaid but you would not guess she was famous judging by this picture.

Kirsten Dunst And Cindy McGee

This Italian wedding featured one very cherubic actress who floated down the aisle looking like she had stepped out of a Botticelli painting. Kirsten Dunst was asked to be a bridesmaid by her close friend Cindy McGee when she decided to get married in Italy.

Each of the bridesmaids was dressed very simply which helped to accentuate the opulence of the church the happy couple were married in. Dunst herself should be tying the knot soon too.

Jennifer Garner And Her Personal Assistant

Jennifer Garner has largely been considered one of Hollywood’s sweethearts since she first entered the movie scene. Her personal assistant got to see this first hand which formed a bond between the two.

When it came time for the assistant to get married she wanted Jennifer to be a bridesmaid as they had become friends as well as co-workers. If you look at the grin on Jennifer’s face you know she is very happy for this bride-to-be.

Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler

This was a star-studded wedding and this picture only showcases two of the many stars that attended and were in the bridal party for Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Hidalgo. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were bridesmaids, with Austin Butler also featuring heavily in the photos as Vanessa’s date.

Everyone looked amazing and it was almost like seeing a High School Musical reunion poster. Maybe this is what the next film will look like as all of the stars have really grown up since their HSM days.

Kate And Pippa Middleton

When Kate Middleton married Prince William back in 2011 it was the wedding of the decade. Kate looked amazing but so did her sister Pippa who was dressed in a classic white sheath gown.

The hope had been that the white of Pippa’s gown would simply look like it was part of Kate’s train rather than have her in a color that stood out. Instead, she captured the gaze of many spectators who were overcome by how lovely she looked.

Britney Spears And Brett Miller

If there is one thing Britney Spears loves it is a good wedding. She has been married a few times and participated in a lot of others. When her longtime assistant, Brett Miller decided it was time for his turn down the aisle, Britney was right by his side.

The bridesmaids wore baby blue halter neck dresses and carried simple bouquets which made for an understated affair. Britney herself is currently unmarried but this could change at any time.

Lena Dunham And Audrey Gelman

Lena Dunham is anything if not unconventional and when her closest friend Audrey Gelman got married she did not let this stop her from expressing herself fashion-wise. All the bridesmaids wore sequined skirts and nude turtlenecks but their footwear was entirely of their own choosing.

Lena Dunham And Audrey Gelman

Lena and one other bridesmaid opted for gold loafers with socks instead of the spiky gold heels the other women wore. Everyone looks pretty fabulous and the bride herself is actually the real-life character of Marnie from Girls.

Lauren Conrad And Cassandra Herschenfeld

The former star of The Hills has long been a lifestyle influencer but when it came time for her friend Cassandra Herschenfeld to marry the love of her life she was right by her side. Cassandra decided to use the bridesmaid gowns Lauren herself had designed which were all in earth tones.

They complimented her color palette and let Cassandra shine in her white dress. Plus, it gave Lauren some great free advertising for her new line of dresses: Paper Crown.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Since her SATC days, Sarah Jessica Parker has often been at the forefront of the fashion world. Her former assistant who she also installed in her production company decided it was time to get married and her wedding would not be complete without Sarah’s presence.

Each of the bridesmaids wore a gown of their choice and SJP decided that a simple strapless number was what she wanted to wear. This looked like a very rowdy wedding.

Paris And Nicky Hilton

Back in 2015, Nicky Hilton decided to tie the knot in a lavish event in London, England. Paris, being both her sister and her best friend was given the role of maid of honor. She decided to go for a demure look which featured a floor-length ice blue gown with her hair in loose long waves.

She looked stunning but did not steal the spotlight from Nicky. The word is still out on whether or not Paris has met Mr. Right but we figure she will be getting married one of these days.

Emma Roberts And Kara Smith

This daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts has really made a name for herself in various indie flicks. When it came time for her friend Kara Smith to marry longtime boyfriend, Nick Walker she was thrilled to be a part of the retinue.

She was given a cream-colored silk dress to wear which matched the understated color palette of the whole affair. It seemed like old Hollywood glamor was this wedding’s theme.

The Victoria’s Secret Models

Almost all of the women who attended Ana Beatriz Barros’ Greek wedding were current or former Victoria’s Secret models which made this one of the most attractive wedding parties of all time. Isabeli Fontani and Alessandra Ambrosio were both bridesmaids and they definitely wore the kind of dresses designed to show off their model physiques.

Each of them looked picture perfect and we’re sure the rest of the wedding photos looked like they came from an haute couture fashion editorial.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins have been known for their own unique fashion looks since they were old enough to break away from their child star days. This wedding for their friend Cassie Coane found each of her 18 bridesmaids in various floral outfits.

Ashley stood out a bit because she stayed in her all-black wear as usual while everyone else wore loud patterns and flowy pastel numbers. Mary-Kate conformed a bit more but her beaded headdress still makes more of an impression than anyone else.

Miranda And Matthew Kerr

When Miranda Kerr’s younger brother, Matthew told her he was ready to propose and get married she knew she would have to hop on a plane to Australia and be there for the big day. In honor of the event, she donned a long white netted gown and a flower crown which kind of makes it looks like she was the one getting married.

Especially because she is holding a giant bouquet in the picture. She definitely upstaged the bride which is a major no-no.

Rihanna And Jennifer Morales

In another celebrity and their assistant wedding, Rihanna was asked to be a bridesmaid by Jennifer Morales. She had seen Jennifer meet the man she would marry and was touched that they wanted to include her in the wedding.

All of the bridesmaids were asked to wear lilac coloured dresses and Rihanna was more than happy to oblige even if it was not something she would normally wear. She took it one step further and added some purple lipstick.

Margot Robbie

This Aussie actress is known for leading a very quiet life so when pictures surfaced of her at a wedding in Hawaii the media went wild. She looked sun-kissed and glowing in the pictures while wearing the same lightly patterned gown like the rest of the bridesmaids.

Whose wedding this was is still unknown but Margot clearly knew them well enough to be in the retinue which means it must have been a close friend.

Meghan Markle

It was in July 2016 that Meghan Markle had the honor of attending her friend, Lindsey Roth’s wedding. Not only a guest but chosen to be one of Roth’s bridesmaid as well.

Meghan Markle

The bridal party decided to opt for the mix and match look with the only rule being that the color had to be pale pink. Meghan’s dress certainly stole that show and not only that, but she had just met Prince Harry the month before so she was certainly the talk of the event.

Rachel Bilson

This Hart of Dixie star and former wife to Hayden Christensen found herself one of sixteen bridesmaids at a friend’s wedding. The bride is still the focus of the day but we have to say that Rachel Bilson looks prettying amazing in her nude off the shoulder gown.

This must have been a day to remember. These stars might not be the focus on these special days but they are still pretty unmistakable even though they tried to go incognito.