Bride expects bridesmaid to pay $30,000 after supposedly upstaging her at her wedding

Bride expects bridesmaid to pay $30,000 after supposedly upstaging her at her wedding

Most people want to be the star of their own wedding. After all, they’re the ones that are getting married, so why shouldn’t everyone’s eyes be on them? Unfortunately, some brides and grooms take this need for attention a little too far. They become so consumed with being in the spotlight that they flip out when things don’t go their way. That’s what happened with one woman who felt that her pregnant bridesmaid stole her thunder.

Not a dream come true

Getting married is something this bride had been thinking about for years. She couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle and tie the knot with the love of her life. She was so desperate for her big day to be amazing that she was willing to put thousands of dollars into it.

Not a dream come true

Unfortunately, she came to regret that once the wedding came around. All that money apparently went to waste because she had one of the worst days ever.

Balancing their responsibilities

The wedding was a long time in the making because the couple got engaged when they were still studying. The woman – who goes by IgnoredBride on Reddit – was still in the midst of grad school, while her partner was at med school.

Balancing their responsibilities

As much as the two wanted to cement their love for each other, they wanted to get their studies out of the way first. So, they balanced preparing for the big day with school work, eventually devoting their full attention to tying the knot once they graduated. Things should have been smooth sailing from then on, but sadly, they weren’t.

Picking their parties

One of the things the couples sorted out first was who they’d have in their wedding parties. They agreed to six people on either side, with IgnoredBride wasting no time picking her bridesmaids. One of the women she selected was Anna, someone who ended up playing a significant role in the ceremony.

Picking their parties

Anna and the other bridesmaids were understandably flattered to be chosen by IgnoredBride, although some were more pleased than others. It seems that those who were single during the planning stage weren’t allowed to bring plus ones to the wedding, despite the big day being several years away.

A lot can happen

Anna was one of the women who was annoyed by this because she knew that a lot could happen in a few years. As it turned out, she met someone and married them before IgnoredBride even tied the knot.

A lot can happen

Anna hated the thought that she wouldn’t be able to bring her husband to the ceremony simply because they hadn’t gotten together sooner. Thankfully, after speaking with her mom, IgnoredBride allowed all her bridesmaids to bring a plus one to the wedding. However, the bride got more than she bargained for when Anna brought along another guest too – her unborn baby!

The center of attention

IgnoredBride might have been doing her bridesmaid a favor by allowing her to bring her husband to the wedding. However, that act of kindness is one she’ll apparently be regretting for the rest of her life. She never anticipated that the pregnant woman would be the center of attention on her big day, but that’s supposedly what happened.

Her “vibrant personality” dominated the ceremony, as did the fact she was “hugely pregnant.” According to IgnoredBride, everyone’s eyes were either on Anna or her husband, who was apparently “tall and attractive.” It was her special day, yet the spotlight was on other people.

A controversial pregnancy

The reason that Anna’s pregnancy was a source of great interest wasn’t merely because people were happy for her. According to IgnoredBride, her being with child was controversial because of her age.

Apparently being pregnant before turning 30 is considered inappropriate in the groom’s culture, so his family was appalled by her baby bump. They couldn’t stop paying attention to her because they were horrified, giving the bride even more reason to be annoyed at Anna.

Leaving in tears

IgnoredBride was so upset about her bridesmaid stealing her thunder that she apparently left the reception early. She couldn’t handle Anna being the center of attention so she walked out when there were still several hours left. Unfortunately, her departure didn’t attract a lot of interest, even though she supposedly left in tears.

Leaving in tears

Everyone was too busy obsessing over the bridesmaid, her baby bump, and her “attractive” partner to notice. That only made things worse.

Failure to attend

By the following day, the bride still wasn’t over what had happened. So, she didn’t bother showing up to the brunch that she’d planned in advance. All of the wedding party was supposed to be there, but quite a few people were missing from the final celebration.

As well as IgnoredBride and her husband being absent, her parents and brother weren’t there either. Even Anna and her partner didn’t bother showing up to the brunch.

Sneaking him in

The reason the other guests weren’t present at the brunch may have had something to do with what happened after the bride left the reception. Her brother was involved in some drama with a bridesmaid’s plus one who was actually Anna’s friend.

She’d convinced the woman to bring her pal along to the wedding, despite knowing that IgnoredBride didn’t like him. His presence understandably irritated the bride, although it wasn’t her he had his eyes on that day.

Caught in the act

It seems that the unwanted guest took a shining to IgnoredBride’s brother, and the two hit it off during the reception. The attraction between them was mutual, so while everyone else was busy enjoying themselves, they snuck off for some fun.

Caught in the act

Unfortunately, they didn’t do a great job of keeping their antics under wraps. After the bride left the reception, the two men were caught in a compromising position by some of the wedding’s more conservative guests.

Their favorite topic

Although IgnoredBride didn’t attend the brunch, she later found out that her brother’s antics were the main talking point there. The guests were so stunned that he was into men that it was apparently all they talked about.

They were seemingly indifferent to the drama between Anna and the bride, probably because they didn’t even know there was an issue there. They hadn’t realized that their obsession with the bridesmaid had left IgnoredBride feeling pushed out of her own wedding.

An expensive apology

In light of everything that happened, the bride is now seeking compensation from her bridesmaid. She believes that Anna should pay her back for ruining her wedding, and what she’s asking for is a small fortune.

An expensive apology

IgnoredBride wants $30,000 from the woman so that she can pay to have a second wedding. Her memories of the big day are completely tainted by what happened, so she’s desperate for a do-over. $30,000 is a lot of money, though.

A conspiracy theory

The reason the bride wants so much money is that she’s sure Anna stole her thunder on purpose. She thinks the bridesmaid intentionally ruined her wedding because she wasn’t initially allowed to have a plus one.

That might sound like a petty conspiracy theory, but it’s one that IgnoredBride stands by. She can’t think why else Anna made the wedding all about her when it wasn’t her time to shine. Nothing else makes sense apparently.

Ruined forever

IgnoredBride made sure to have plenty of photos taken on her big day. Unfortunately, she can barely even look at them now without bursting into tears. She’s so traumatized by what happened that seeing the photos simply reminds her of what Anna did.

Ruined forever

That’s partly why she wants to have a second wedding. If she’s going to cry from looking at her pictures, it shouldn’t be because they break her heart. She’s supposed to shed happy tears.

Agree or disagree?

It took the bride a month and a half before she felt ready to share her story with the internet. She figured she’d post about what happened on Reddit and see if people agreed that Anna should pay her back.

IgnoredBride was hopeful that everyone would see things from her point of view and gang up on the bridesmaid. Unfortunately, talking about what supposedly went down might not have been the best thing to do.

Bridezilla in denial

Before she posted her tale, the bride added that she wasn’t a bridezilla. She feared that her story might paint her out as such, which is why she gave the clarification. Unfortunately, she added the word “but” after making the statement, something which basically canceled out her claims.

Bridezilla in denial

As a result, she came across like a bridezilla in denial, especially after she called out Anna for this, that, and the other. It didn’t paint her in the best light.

Holding nothing back

The bride only made things worse for herself by harshly criticizing her bridesmaid. She made out that Anna’s wedding was less meaningful because it was “spur of the moment.” In contrast, IgnoredBride’s big day had received “a lot of money and effort,” so it was, therefore, more important.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also referred to the woman’s pregnancy as happening “without a thought.” Clearly, she wasn’t holding anything back after her friend’s supposed betrayal.

Not her fault

Unfortunately, while the bride might have thought she was in the right, Reddit didn’t agree with her. The comments were mostly in support of the bridesmaid who they believed was being attacked for no good reason.

They didn’t see why Anna was being criticized simply because she was pregnant and had an attractive husband. It wasn’t like she made a scene at the wedding and demanded everyone pay attention to her. People’s focus just naturally landed on her.

A shady move

The only part of IgnoredBride’s story where people didn’t side with Anna was when she snuck her friend into the wedding. Commenters agreed that the bridesmaid didn’t have a right to do that, especially as she apparently knew the bride didn’t like him.

A shady move

They felt it was shady of her to go behind IgnoredBride’s back and sneak him in given he obviously wasn’t welcome there. However, for the rest of the story, everyone was firmly Team Anna.

What a letdown

After reading the Reddit post, a lot of people came away disappointed. They’d expected more from the tale, especially given IgnoredBride was demanding $30,000. Most readers felt that the story didn’t justify such a hefty price tag, especially as Anna didn’t really do anything wrong on the big day.

People had assumed she’d gone out of her way to ruin the wedding, not that she’d simply existed. That just made them even more annoyed with the bride.

An unreasonable demand

Even if Anna had intentionally stolen the bride’s thunder, people still thought $30,000 was a ridiculous amount of money to ask for. There was almost no way that the bridesmaid had so much cash sitting around. Even if she did, why would she give it to IgnoredBride?

After everything that she’d said about her, Anna had every right to keep the money for herself. The bride shouldn’t have spent so much on her wedding in the first place.

Out of touch

Unsurprisingly, the two women don’t really see each other as friends anymore. According to a comment that IgnoredBride wrote on her post, they were never actually that close to begin with. That comes as a surprise given Anna was picked to be a bridesmaid.

Usually, that role is reserved for the bride’s nearest and dearest, but apparently, this woman was giving out the honor randomly. Surely she could have chosen someone she knew wouldn’t cause so many problems?

Too late now

Whatever reason IgnoredBride had for picking Anna, we doubt the woman will get any money from her bridesmaid now. If the two have fallen out of contact, then the bride won’t be able to demand anything from her former ‘friend.’

Hopefully, IgnoredBride will find a way to move past her pain that doesn’t involve cheques for $30,000. As much as she may want to have a second wedding, there are far cheaper ways to get over what happened.