Is It Possible to Eat Healthy Without Eliminating Sugar?

It’s pretty well-known that eating a diet that is high in sugar is not healthy. Everyone enjoys a soda, or a piece of cake once a week, but eating sugary snacks everyday will not have your body thanking you. That being said, should you consider cutting sugar out of your diet altogether?

The Facts

While sugar has been associated with a number of illnesses, like obesity, diabetes, and cancer it is not the only culprit. Lack of exercise, and other unhealthy habits can lead to these illnesses. Refined sugar, or white sugar which you often see in stores is not good for you in large quantities. It most often takes the form of sucrose, which is an ingredient in candy, pastries, and even some soups. This is the sugar that you want to avoid, and that most sugar-free diets eliminate completely. We’re not saying don’t eat a piece of cake, simply think about the quantity of refined sugar in the foods that you eat. The motto for diets is, “Everything in moderation.”

Natural Sugar

Natural sugars, or unrefined sugars are those that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables. You need the vitamins and minerals produced by them to live a healthy life. It tends to be better to eat more vegetables than fruit, as vegetables do have a lower sugar content. If you need a bit of sugar in your life, there are natural sweeteners like honey and stevia that can be used in small amounts for tea and coffee. If you want to make some desserts with less sugar, you can use unsweetened apple sauce.


A lot of diets don’t call for moderation, but instead call for the elimination of sugar completely. As soon as your body has something eliminated, or begins taking in less calories the brain tells it to hold onto the calories it has. This tends to create cravings, which makes it difficult for people on diets to stick to them. As soon as you want a piece of cake, it’s very difficult to tell your body no. If you’re someone who enjoys snacking on fruit, a sugar-free diet is not for you. Instead, it’s best to select a diet that allows for a lower sugar intake.

The reality is that you will not stick to the diet forever, and there are healthy sugars that every person’s body needs. The trick is to find healthy alternatives that you like. Smoothie bowls, vegan ice cream, dried fruit, and green juice are all excellent alternatives to a handful of candy.

Lead the healthiest life possible by avoiding refined sugars. These are the ones that lead to health problems, and weight gain. Reach for a piece of fruit whenever you get the urge for something sweet. Your body will thank you, and so will your diet if you are on one.