How to organize your makeup and save space

Starting the morning out with a bathroom or vanity strewn with makeup and brushes can be difficult to sort through. That’s why it is important to create a system of organization for all of your makeup products and brushes. It will make it a lot easier to get ready in the morning, and even if you don’t use makeup, organizing your toiletries is important too. All it takes are a few simple steps to get your bathroom counter looking like a professional makeup artist’s.

Step One: Empty Out Everything

Just as Marie Kondo does, you should take out all of your makeup from your drawers, countertop, and medicine cabinet. To ensure that nothing breaks, or gets lost place all of your makeup and brushes on a towel or blanket. Once you have done that, take a look through your products. There may be some you no longer use, or others that have expired. You can toss those out, or empty them and recycle them.

Step Two: Organization

Some bathrooms have quite a bit of storage space in the form of cabinets, and shelves. If you have these then you are lucky. For those that lack a bit of storage, consider purchasing some small storage units that will fit on your counter. Clear plastic drawers and brush holders can be perfect for this. If this does not fit into your budget, then you can simply use a glass to hold your brushes, or old yogurt containers. You can get crafty with these and decorate them.

Step Three: Sorting

Now that you have your storage containers ready to go, and you have cut down on some of your products it is time to begin sorting. You will want all of your moisturizers to be in the same container, lipsticks with lipsticks, face brushes with face brushes, and so on. Once you have sorted everything into their groups, and then placed in their containers you can decide how to organize them on your counter, or medicine cabinet. There are some items you use every day, like toothpaste and lip balm. You may want to create a separate area for your everyday items.

Step Four: Maintenance

Last but not least, you will want to maintain this new organization system. A lot of us sometimes fall back into our old ways, and you want to avoid doing this. One way is to create a system in which you check the expiry dates on your makeup once every two months or so. As well, makeup brushes should be washed after each use. If you are not doing this, set aside a time once a week to wash all of them, and organize your makeup. That way, at the beginning of each week your bathroom will be organized, and your makeup will be ready to use.