How to Get Your Vacation Off to a Good Start

Going on vacation soon? That’s good, but the stressful task that is packing for your trip still awaits you. Unlike your vacation itself, the act of preparing for the vacation can be quite difficult indeed. Never to fear, though, because we’re here with some helpful tips for not only the packing, but traveling and getting settled in that will be required before your vacation can really begin.

Credit: Style Syndicate

First of all, make packing easier by making neat piles before you actually put everything into your bags. This will help you make any necessary cutbacks before the packing begins.

Oh, and another tip that may not help you if you’re traveling next week, but will certainly help you in the future: start keeping a travel drawer at home. In this one-stop shop for your travel needs, you can keep your passport, list of items you don’t want to forget, and any items you use exclusively for travel. Empty luggage is also a great spot to hold this kind of stuff.

When it comes to the actual packing, use dry cleaning bags to hold items that crease easily to avoid friction and put your shoes in the bottom of your luggage where the wheels are. Items such as rolled up t-shirts or underwear can be used to fill gaps in your luggage and keep items from moving around, too.

On any flight, you’ll want to bring an eye mask if you plan to sleep and noise-canceling headphones no matter what you plan to do. If you want to watch your favorite show or movie, have it downloaded to your tablet or phone already, since you don’t want to count on in-flight WiFi.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll have no shortage of options and the one that might sound the best is a nap. However, the best way to get over the jet lag you’ll probably feel is to go for a jog. In addition, running can help you find cool spots to visit later on. There are many free running apps you can download that will suggest good routes to check out.


After your run, enjoy yourself, but keep in mind that you may not be feeling 100% if you’ve had a long flight or flown during weird hours. If you were able to get good rest of your flight, you may feel fine. If not, there’s no shame in having a low-key night to relax before you explore in your first full day.