Get Crafty With These Popular Craft Ideas


If you haven’t noticed certain crafts are becoming increasingly popular and social media is increasingly crowded with craft tutorials. So why not get with the times, get those creative juices flowing try your hand at some of the most popular crafts. Whether you are looking for fun things to do with your kids or something to keep you busy, here are some of the easiest and enjoyable crafts out there.

Try Your Hand at Resin
Resin casting is one of the easier crafts to try your hand at, all you need are some molds, resin, and decorations. The most popular things to make are keychains and pendants. You can get molds for anything from stars to star wars characters. All you have to do is mix up your resin, add some glitter or alcohol ink for coloring and pour it into your mold and 24 hours later you have a finished, cured piece. The more experienced you become the more adventurous you can be and you can even dry your hand at more creative projects.

Got Crazy With Polymer Clay
Polymer clay is very versatile, all you need to do is sculpt what you want and bake it so that it becomes hard as plastic. There are several different things that you can do with polymer clay.

You can sculpt figurines, you can make fairy house lamps, you can make jewelry or you can decorate items. Whatever you choose to do with it, polymer clay is easy to find and the options are limitless

Get Your Hands Dirty with Air Dry Clay
Airdry clay may be a little messy to work with but many people love creating with it. One of the most popular things to make are fairy houses that people make using plastic bottles, clay and paint.

There are plenty of tutorials available online and the best thing about these houses is that when they are don’t you can put fairy lights inside of them and turn them into nightlights your kids will love.