The Future Is Female- These Three Badass Wellness Gurus Share Their Secrets To Healthy Living

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These three wellness warriors share their words of wisdom exclusively with us, on how they have created a life they are proud of, and what tools they have learned along the way, in order to find confidence and achieve balance through a healthy lifestyle. Read on for their simple but effective life hacks so that you too can reach your health goals.

Kayla Itsines


On having a cheat day: 

Don’t think of it as a “bad” day and remember you’re not the only one – it can happen to everyone! Living a healthy balanced life isn’t about being on a ‘diet’ or taking a ‘quick fix’, it’s about being active, healthy and realistic. A realistic healthy lifestyle doesn’t have an end date, so its completely normal to have a day where you indulge a little. All women deserve to feel confident and fit all year around – not just for a special occasion or a month or two over summer. Feeling fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice, so it is important to establish a routine that works for YOU and one that you can maintain all 12 months of the year. A tip would be to remind yourself why you have started, take progress photos and remember that you are doing this to be a healthier version of YOU.

Kris Carr


On what baby steps to take in order to implement healthier ways of living.

When we dedicate our lives to self care it is easier to shift a lot of pain and live a life that we want. You don’t have to be up against the ropes in order to make a change, start living now, start creating the life you want now. Health for me means feeling good. I am living with cancer, but I am in the process of healing and I do feel healthy, which came from making that shift and taking care of myself.

Think about what the one thing that is plaguing you the most and start there. Do internal inventory, are you numbing out using food? Are you too stressed out? Do you not have a connection to your body? Do you find it hard to go to the gym? Whatever your biggest pain point is, start addressing it, but the key thing is to start slowly.

Julie Montague


On her words to live by:

“She Needed A Hero So That’s What She Became”

In certain situations when you feel unsure or unconfident, find that mantra that you can believe in and say it to yourself over and over again. Start noticing those people around you that suck your energy, I call them energy vampires, they are not good for your overall health and wellness and you need to slowly start stepping away from them. These positive affirmations can help you feel stronger and help you to deal with toxic people in your life. So try today, choose a self-care mantra and say it to yourself in uncomfortable situations.