The Funkiest Yoga Pant Brands

Leggings and other athleisure wear brands all offer the same run of the mill black lycra stretchy pants. Some offer them in different patterns, or some interesting mesh or cut-outs but if you want to truly stand out then these are the funkiest yoga pant makers in the industry. The best part is not only are the pants in all sort of cool patterns or cutouts but some of them are focused on being eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

The Funkiest Yoga Pant Brands


Teeki has longed prided itself on being environmentally friendly. Their pants are made from recycled water bottles in the United States, and then they are handsewn within the country as well. They are focused on providing jobs and reducing their carbon footprint. If this business model alone does not make you want to purchase their pants, the wild patterns should. Their pants have unicorns, floral patterns, the cosmos, and so much more to choose from. If you want a truly unique pair of pants then this is the place to order from.


Onzie also offers some unique yoga pants but what is cool about their brand is that they offer yoga sets which are pants and a matching sports top. Their pants are high-waisted and designed to stay exactly where they should as you do your practice. This season’s sets feature a whole lot of leopard print and a constellation theme. The stars are aligning, just like your chakras with these pants.

The Funkiest Yoga Pant Brands


This Brazilian brand has been in the yoga pants and athleisure wear business for a long time and it shows in the many options that they have on offer. Their prints are always a lot of fun and change with the seasons. As we are in Spring now, you may be able to guess what the big theme is for them: flowers. They also have quite a few folksy patterns that are very appealing in blues and some more traditional ones that have mandalas.

Inner Fire

Canadian brand Inner Fire also has a ton of patterned leggings to choose from. These ones are not as wild as Teeki’s and if you are looking for a more subdued pattern and color scheme then they are an excellent choice. Nature is the main theme, such as trees going up your calves and the northern lights featuring pretty heavily on their yoga pants. If you only want a bit of a pattern, then you can go with a black pant that has only the calves patterned. In any event, any of these yoga pants are sure to bring a bright spot to your practice and help you find your light!