Friday Feel Good Workout Tips From Kate Hudson


Ever wondered what exercises Kate Hudson does to get her toned, tight abs and round booty? Well wonder no more, as we have the answer: Get into the Friday feeling, and try her Brazilian booty workout. The Fabletics creator and wellness advocate has a lot of tips for staying healthy and feeling good in the mind, body and soul. Now is the time to master her moves and start feeling your best in time for Summer. Not long to go now.

Half Side Kick

1.Begin. Raise your arms overhead. Bring your right leg into a lunge.

2.Raise leg back up to your arms, then return.

Repeat for min 20 reps

The Full Moon

1. Lie on one side, knees bent. Squeeze your glutes and lift your flexed foot.

2. Hold it, then bring your knee to the floor.

3. Swap sides and repeat.

Do 20 reps each side.

Alternate Squats

1.Stand with weights at your feet. Squat, next grab the weights, return to stand.

2. Squat, put weights back on floor, then stand.

Do 15 min reps.

Now you can enjoy your weekend, with some endorphins, tight abs and a toned booty.