Friday Feel Good Mantras

The weekend is here, so what better way than giving ourselves some good old self care. These mantras are brilliant ways to get ourselves feeling confident and ready for anything that life throws at us. There is nothing like gratitude practice to set us up for positive thoughts.

Today, challenge yourself to replace your negative thoughts and words with positive alternatives.

I Am Enough

Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself today. Never doubt who you are.

It Is Ok To Make Mistake

If you want to be happy and bright, let go of your need to always be right.

I Am Worthy Of Love And Abundance

Remind yourself that you deserve a fulfilling life full of love and happiness. Even if the happenings of your day didn’t reflect this reality, say this mantra aloud or to yourself before bed each night, and you will slowly start to see more abundance flow into your life.

I Am Grateful For Those In My Life

Don’t forget to have gratitude for everyone else in your life who loves and supports you. Maybe you don’t always get along with your closest friends and loved ones, but remind yourself that they will stand by you when you need someone the most.

I Don’t Need To Compare Myself To Others

Resist the urge to compare your own path to others. Remember that you will never measure your own worth by someone else’s accomplishments because you are you and that is amazing.