Europe’s Most Enticing Natural Pools

Europe’s Most Enticing Natural Pools

Dotted all over Europe, travelers can find some of the most enchanting natural pools that will make any quick swim an adventure. Whether they are fed from natural springs, ancient aquifers, or fresh ocean waters, these mystical pools promise relaxation and spectacular scenery. Here are some of the best natural pools that can be found in Europe.

Porto Moniz, Portugal
On the coast of the Madera islands, you can find amazing beaches and a sunny climate. Here at the edge of the waterline, you will find the Porto Moniz rock pools that offer visitors a unique swimming experience. The pools were created millions of years ago by volcanic rock formations, and the waters of the pool are fed by warm ocean waters. As the waves brake against the walls of the pools, the water within them is calm and clear. If you are looking for magnificent ocean vistas and a tropical climate, then this is the place for you.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland
While the lagoon is partly man-made, the waters that feed it are heated by volcanic forces deep within the earth.

Not only is the water warm and inviting, its rich in blue algae and minerals that give it a deep aquamarine shade. Escape the Icelandic winter and take a swim inside the warm waters of the lagoon. Local legend claims that the waters have fantastic healing and energizing powers.

Saturnia, Italy
Even the ancient Romans knew the of the regenerative powers of the local thermal baths located at Saturnia. The baths are fed from an aquifer deep in the earth where magma deep underground gently heats the water. By the time this water reaches the surface, it is at a comfortable temperature and mineral-rich.

Here you can relax in the water and enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape.